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Failed during HTTP send Request



I am adding my flow to my powerapps but I encountered this error. I already tried running it manually on the flow and it did not return any error and it was successfully completed. I tried adding this flow on other app but I still got the same error


New error.PNG

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Might be a problem with co-authors of the flow 😞

This bug should be fixed asap from MS

Advocate III
Advocate III



I'm having the same "failed during http send request" error when adding a flow to an app. I'm not using an array parameter. The app is not shared. I am the org admin and author of both the app and the flow. Are there any useful updates from MS about what causes this issue? I have created a support ticket, but given the many reports on this issue I thought it might have been resolved by now (1 year on...).




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This issue fixed for me when I changed the 'Run Only Users' configuration.


I changed the source drop down to "Provided by run-only user", instead of using a connection.


Screenshot 2021-06-22 135424.png

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It may be an issue with the credentials set in the Power Automate flow itself. Per my research in the Internet, the solution to an issue I had was to disconnect and reconnect the flow to the power app. I would get the exact same error you mentioned. I updated the authorized user connections on the flow itself and reconnected, no problem. 

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The solution to this is very annoying and simple. i've had this error before and the solution for both case was diferent.
1- In the first case the schema was incorrect so i had to fix the schema converting the format to a valid JSON  format


2- second case, i  created a new flow, somehow that worked 

Deleting the Trigger is not enough. The entire Flow needs to be recreated by "Save as a copy" or by rebuilding the Flow. It is as if the Flow became "stale" and stopped communicating with Power Apps, hence the http send (communication) problem.

I have found some information about this : "You will get errors if you start adding actions to the flow after you connect it to Power Apps. Therefore, you need to add all the connections/actions before adding the flow to your PowerApps button."

How to pass field values from a Canvas App to Power Automate(flow) – Part 1 – immersivecoder

In order to pass multiple variables, to a Flow, create a Collection, convert it to a JSON object and pass that JSON object as one parameter to the Flow. See this article : How to pass field values from a Canvas App to Power Automate(flow) – Part 1 – immersivecoder

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If it helps, I just cracked this on my system... doesn't make sense but then what does with PP!


OK, even though the original author of the workflow had shared it with me and added me as an owner, it wouldn;t let me add it (only the ones I had created under my account)

In the end I opened the Power App form using the original authors account and it inserted it immediately with no probs!  Luckily I have access to both accounts as they are service accounts, but would have looked a bit silly having to go and ask an end user if they could do load my form and do my connection for me lol

Anyway, least now I can crack on



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