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Failed during HTTP send Request



I am adding my flow to my powerapps but I encountered this error. I already tried running it manually on the flow and it did not return any error and it was successfully completed. I tried adding this flow on other app but I still got the same error


New error.PNG

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @karl_oliverio,


Could you please share screenshots of Flow configuration?

This document is about how to add a Flow in the PowerApps, you can follow it to confirm steps are correct. 

Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Lin Tu
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I am receiving this same issue. I followed the instructions provided, substituting a Common Data Service (Current Environment) action for the SharePoint example action. The flow runs fine when I test it, but I cannot add it to my canvas app. This is minimum configuration, which tells me this as an issue with the PowerApps/Automate connectors, not my setup.


Advocate I
Advocate I

I found a workaround for this. Create a new flow with the PowerApps trigger and a built-in action, i.e. something that doesn't require a connector. Save the flow, and open up the canvas app editor. The app should now be able to load the flow without issue. Save the canvas app, and return to the flow editor. Add additional connectors/actions to the flow and save. Now, the canvas app should be able to successfully trigger the full flow.

This is a pretty simple workaround if you are creating a new flow, but might be a real pain if you're trying to add an existing one to your canvas app. I haven't confirmed what happens if you have to change your flow's input schema after adding it to your canvas app, so plan ahead and define those with the initial flow creation if you can.

The issue here is that my flow exceeds the limit of actions per flow. Currently, Microsoft is allowing only 250 actions per flow. The error shown on the powerapps is quite vague which had me 2 working days before we figure out what causes it.

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I did exactly as you suggested, multiple times.


Doesn't work, but it used to work no problem.



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Is the microsoft account that made the flow the same as the one that is making the app? I got exactly this same error trying to use a flow that a colleague made. It worked after I shared the app with him and he added the flow to powerapps with no problems.

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Yes it is the same account. I am the creator of the PowerApps application and the creator of the flow. I have attached flows many times. Something has changed, probably has to do with the licensing scheme since today I got a notice that my free trial had ended, which was very surprising to me since I am using a license through the company that employs me. Everything works, I just cannot attach a new flow to a PowerApps button.


I have asked the IT dept. about our licensing.



We observed that when the flow is not shared to person who is going to use it on apps, it will not show or will not work. But when we shared the flow to that person, he eventually able to connect the flow on apps. That's one thing we need to remember when connecting flows to our apps.

@Anonymous  - It turns out that we have exceeded 250 actions before when i posted this issue. Probably flows that are connected to PowerApps needs to have a maximum of 250 actions while flows that are not connected to PowerApps can handle 500 actions. You can check the number of actions you have on your flow using this link:

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@karl_oliverioThanks for your input but I cannot even attach a flow to a PowerApps button that simply asks for three variables. I have created a flow, form within powerapps using the 'action' tab. All my flow does in initialize three variables and then set the variables with ask_in_powerapps and it fails with the HTTP send request failed.


I have done this many times before, so something is broken and I suspect it has to do with licensing. But PowerApps and powerautomate are included in a business subscription to Office365. This is a pretty good size company so I doubt they went for a cheap solution. Like I say, it was working but now it is not. 


I will probably move away from flows triggered by PowerApps, sometimes it's a lot easier to work with the flow, but this is clearly not easy anymore.

The error is useless and confusing, so I can only provide speculation.

But I believe a reason for this error is that the data-type that the flow requests is not supported. E.g. selecting "ask in powerapps" in the input field for an array variable may induce this error. I believe the supported data-types is described somewhere, but its not so obvious. 

Its not so easy to update the data-type, this seems to happen with power-apps "automagic" when you click "ask in powerapps". I suggest selecting peek code at the PowerApps trigger, where you can see what datatypes the inputs have.  I have often been forced to delete the trigger and ask all the questions again to repair it. I have found that the best way to deal with this issue is to initialize variables for all the questions at the top of the flow, that way its easier to re-build the trigger when it happens.


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@hjaf  Ok, that actually makes sense. I didn't realize that I couldn't pass an array to powerautomate flows. I will try attaching the flow without asking PowerApps for the array contents. I should be able to initialize the variable and build it in the flow. I do always put my variable right at the start of the flow, so that isn't the problem.


Thanks a lot for your input, I will post my findings when I get a chance to look at my problem again.

I usually just send arrays as a comma and/or semicolon separated string to flow and then use split(item(), ',') in a Select. If I want to have a 2 or more column array, I put split(PowerAppsString, ';') as input to the Select and each field with first(split(item(), ',')) and last(split(item(), ',')). I think you can get more fields from a string into an array with something like last(take(split(item(),','), N) etc but I haven't tried it. There are probably more elegant ways to deal with this, but it works 🙂 



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I have the same issue when I try to link Powerapps to any flow, even the simple one with only one step (initialize variable).


I don't understand why I have this error I already tried some of the workarounds sugested in this forum with no success. Please help.



Here is the Peek Code of Powerapps trigger in flow. Is there a possiblity that this error is related with the (,) instead of (;) ?


Kudo Collector
Kudo Collector

@joao123 is the variable you try to initialize an array? I see that the schema says object, but I don't think its possible to send an object. I think string or number are the only types supported at the moment. There are tricks to send arrays, but you have to do some translation on both ends to turn it into a string and back again in flow.

I'm not sure, but I think that when/if they implement a newer version of Odata its going to allow for more types.

Frequent Visitor

The code that I post is the code of the trigger of Powerapps.

When I add a step to initialize a String variable and ask the values to powerapps the code take this form.


Anyway, I already try diferent types of flow templates, like the "send email" and still it shows the same error : Failed during HTTP send Request . 


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I am having the same issue connecting a Flow to a PowerApps button.  In my case I am customizing a list form rather than creating a canvas app.  Everything worked fine until I exported and imported the Flow so it would operate under a service account rather than my account.  I imported it as New rather than Update.

The Flow (Send Email to Vendor) is now created and owned by SC1. SC1 is an SCA on the SP site

Send E-mail to Vendor is shared with me (WCC) plus some other admins


Send E-mail to Vendor was created as a Flow to be called by PowerApps button with no pre-defined actions.

I recreated Send E-mail to Vendor while logged in as SC1 and I still get the "Failed during http send request" error.


Connectiing Flow to Button Error.png

I did not create the Flow by selecting the "Create a new flow" option within PowerApps if that makes any difference.


Here is the code behind from the trigger:

"kind": "PowerApp",
"inputs": {
"schema": {
"type": "object",
"properties": {
"Getitem_Id": {
"type": "integer"
"InitializevarUserName_Value": {
"type": "string",
"description": "Enter initial value",
"isPartial": false
"InitializevarUserEmail_Value": {
"type": "string",
"description": "Enter initial value",
"isPartial": false
"required": [


Any suggestions wold be greatly appreciated,



Hi all,


I and my colleagues are experiencing this issue too.


Basically we worked on 1 single app and 1 single flow. 

The strange thing is, from 3 people in my team, 2 people had the error message "Failed during HTTP send Request", when adding teh flow to the powerapp.  But then when the 3rd person tried it, it worked.


So for us, this is strange, and cannot explained. 
While I had the experience that connecting from different location (e.g. using VPN or Terminal Server) could solve some of the issues, in this case, we 3 were connecting from the same location. 

Hopefully Microsoft expert in this community would jump in to help.




Advocate I
Advocate I

This link seems to give reasonable explanation:


Even I faced the similar issue.  This might occur when the Flow is created by Person A and then Person A share the Flow to Person B and now Person B is co owner of Flow, however flow is still using the connection of person A. If Person B wants to add the Flow to PowerApp, Person B have to make sure that all actions which is used into your Flow like Get my Profile, SharePoint etc. is using Person B's connection.

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