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File "not existing" within Sharepoint. Won't let me convert word doc to pdf



I am getting an error within the "ConvertWordDocumentoPDF" action of the flow.  This flow was copied (save as then turned on) from another flow. May that be the issue? The word doc works and is transferred within Sharepoint but fails at the pdf part. The reason why "File" was copy and pasted from another working flow because I can't click on the File I want the pdf to go towards. I have to manually type it in. Why can't I click on "Standard Submissions" within the Sharepoint drop down they give me?



  "message""The selected file doesn't exist, please select a valid file and drive.\r\nclientRequestId: 35009071-94b5-4c35-9e26-1ee3bc6c3278",
  "error": {
    "message""The selected file doesn't exist, please select a valid file and drive."
  "source""" }

Hi @pnass001 


Can you try adding a small delay between the create word file and the convert word to PDF actions? Also, in the convert word document action, can you remove that expression and directly select the display name from the dynamic selector for the file name? 


Hope this Helps!

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I added the delay. I inputted that expression by hand since I cannot select a folder to open. It won't let me select a folder. When I "ask in powerapps" the purple box is added then when i add an expression, the pink box gets added. What should I do?



@yashag2255 flow works if I select the word doc template within Converwordtopdf but it's pdf is the word template. I want the pdf to be the populated word template created earlier in the flow. How do I do this? 

@yashag2255  I'm still getting the same error during the PDF part, saying the file does not exist.



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Hi, did you ever manage to fix this? I am having the same issue and can't find a solution anywhere

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Dual Super User II

@atray13 @pnass001

Please try passing the Display Name from the previous Create File action





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Blog: here

Hi, thanks for your response. I have tried this to no avail, using both 'path' and 'name' that come from the first create file action.

Is there anything else you think could fix this?


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I am also experiencing the exact same issue. I think it's a faulty connector. Hopefully they iron this out soon. I'm reverting to the OneDrive workaround. 😞

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Hi @pnass001 


  1. If you are creating a ".docx" file in "Create File" action, please use a ".docx" extension instead of ".pdf" in the Word Doc to PDF conversion connector's action.
  2. I noticed you are using some sort of timestamp for the file name. Ensure you are using the same timestamp/name to access the file.

For other issues, please read the below snippet from another discussion (linked at the bottom):


Option 1 [using 'Name' dynamic content]:




"Location": The SharePoint site

"File": Provide the path from the "Documents" folder (or your Document Library location), until the file.

For example, if the full path is "/Shared Documents/Documents/<FolderA>/<filename.docx>", then put it as:

/FolderA/<"Name" dynamic content>


Option 2 [using 'Path' dynamic content]:




"Location": The SharePoint site

"File": replace(outputs('Save_the_file_in_SharePoint')?['body/Path'], '/Shared Documents', '')


Option 2 is less error-prone so I'd prefer that!


Discussion thread where I found the solution: 
Re: Flow Action - Convert Word Document to PDF - Page 2 - Microsoft Tech Community


Hope this helps 🙂

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Hi pnass001,

When you select "Documents" as "Document library" (in the Convert to pdf step) the path is "{your site name}/Shared%20Documents". In the same step try to fil the "File" textbox only with this kind of path "/{your subfolder}/{file name}".


In this way you will obtain "{your site name}/Shared%20Documents/{your subfolder}/{file name}"


I've used the dynamic content of previous step as filename and in my case, I've called (in create file step) the file with a name like this "name_file.docx" specifying the extension. 


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