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Filter SharePoint and Merge PDF



I am wondering if this is a feasible task for Power Automate. I need to combine all pdf's from a SharePoint library who's employee name is the same in a given period. My plan was to Get Files (Properties Only) with an odata filter: DateofWork ge '4/24/2021' and DateofWork le '5/21/2021'. After that i was not sure how to filter by each name in the list. My though was to initialize an array and append each name to the array. From there i wanted to go through each entry on the array and add it to the get files (properties only) odata filter. Is that possible? Looking for any sort of direction on this as I am not sure if this is even something that can be done in Power Automate. Thanks!



Hello Andrew, I will explain by splitting your task into two parts.

1) Get content of all PDFs attempting to merge

2) Merge PDFs


1) Get content of all PDFs attempting to merge

a) Using the "List folder" action of the SharePoint connector, get an array of content inside the library.

This requires setting the site address and the file path to the SharePoint Library.

b) Using the "Filter array" action of the Data Operation connector, filter down the array of content to PDF files' paths only. This requires setting the input to the "body" of the array of content and setting the filter condition to the extension to equal "pdf".

c) Using the "Get file metadata using path” action of the SharePoint connector, get the metadata of all PDF files attempting to merge. This requires setting the site address and the file path to each PDF file.


2) Merge PDFs

@CFernandes has made an excellent explanation for merging PDFs here: Merge SharePoint documents using Microsoft Flow or... - Power Platform Community


Please accept this as a solution if solved. Provide copies of any error messages and/or unclear points if not.


All the best

For what I am doing i will need to Filter the the folder before pulling all the the data in. The "List Folder" action will not work due to the number of files I believe, roughly 20,000. After filtering it's a much more reasonable number. The other issue is I am not sure how to group by name and merge. Thanks for the help!

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