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Filtering through multiple items in a SharePoint list then adding sums

Hello fellow power automate users!


I am a newer user and having some issues filtering through multiple items from a SharePoint list, then adding the sums based on a date.


The sharepoint has 4 columns:

Owner Name (6 owners)

Content-type (5 types)

Closed Date

Sum Quantity


I need to filter the owners by content-type then add the sums of each owner and content type for the month.


So far, I have a 'Get Items' with a filter for each Owner (owner_name eq 'name')


After that, I have a 'Select' module for filtering the content-type, sum and date based on each individual owner.


I have run into many issues:

1. Where do I go from there? How do I split each content-type with owner and add the sums only for the month

2. The flow is already 12 modules long and will be too long by the end

3. Adding the sum based on month closed


Sorry there are no pictures, but the SharePoint and my existing flow are really straight-forward and probably very inefficient.   

Thanks for any help,

Its much appreciated  

Resolver III
Resolver III

Hi @Grant_Long , I may not have fully understood what you are trying to achieve with this flow. This looks like a standard use case for data analysis, which is very easy to do with Power BI or Excel. However, if you must use Flow for this purpose, here are a few pointers: 

  1. I would use 'Get Items' just once, and then use the data returned for all operations.
  2. I would use an 'Apply to Each' to loop through each user, and use another 'Apply to Each' inside the first one to loop through each content-type.
  3. Inside the second 'Apply to Each', I would add the Sum Quantity to get the total for each user and content type, and then save it along with the corresponding Owner, Content Type, and Closed Date values to another SharePoint list or Excel table.
  4. You could extract the month from the Closed Date and then use another loop to aggregate by month. However, I don't think it makes sense to labor so much with flow for something that would be a very easy in Excel or Power BI.

Hope this helps. Let me know if I misunderstood the case.   

New Member

Hello, @bibhupanigrahi 

Thank you for responding, sorry for the late reply 


I managed to figure out how to add up all the sums based on owners then content type. The part I am still stuck on is aggregating all information by date. 


Its not a efficient flow, but it does work so far


So far its just a basic automation:

Get Items -> Select -> Initialize all variables per contact -> Set Variables -> Calculate 


Now I have to separate all contacts and content types by month and then add them up again 


Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you

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