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Finding File ID?

I created a flow that is triggered by a SharePoint file being modified and once modified, the flow sends an email to an admin account. Presently, the email is very rudimentary - there is only text that I have populated saying "the file has been updated", however, I'd like to provide more details in the body of the email. I'd like to include the following:


1) Who modified the file

2) What modifications were made to the file


I know that #1 should be pretty easy to accomplish using the SharePoint action, "Get File Properties". The challenge for me is trying to figure out what the "ID" of the file is. I've employed the trial and error method to hopefully guess the correct file ID, but after 3 days of failed attempt after failed attempt, I'm posting here. Is there a straightforward way for me to figure out the ID of the file that I'm trying to access?


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Hi @Anonymous,


File ID will be an output from the "when a file is modified or created" trigger - this should be the id you need to pass to your 'get file properties' step:






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Thanks for the response @courtneo


Does it matter that I use the "When a file is created or modified" trigger without the "(properties only)"? The basic "When a file is modified or created" trigger is the one that I use, but there doesn't seem to be an ID output.


I'm trying to track a specific file that's in its own folder. I just attempted to run my flow the way you suggested, and it doesn't allow me to drill down to the folder that contains the file I'm tracking.

Ah, you are facing the trouble that the trigger you are using ("When a file is created or modified" without "(properties only")) does not return the file id, it only returns the file GUID (as "File Identifier") .. Unfortunately that id cannot be used to fetch the file with a "get file properties" action - that action needs a number so the "file identifier" token will not even show as a possible input for that action..


Apparently this issue is on the SharePoint team's Radar. In the meanwhile, I am afraid the other "(properties only)" trigger is the only one that currently supports what you are trying to do ..

Advocate III
Advocate III

retrieve the file path from your trigger "When a file is created" (without properties)

then use that as argument for the action "Get file metadata using path"

that will provide you the file ItemId (integer value)

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