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Flow Action to remove a member from a MS Teams team



I have created a Flow to add a member to a specific MS Teams team (which is great!) but I can't seem to find an action to then remove a member should they be demobilised on the associated project/team. 


Is anyone aware of a solution/workaround for this as it is obviously a critical process in managing a team/project. Does anyone know if MS is likely to release an 'action' for this soon?


Note, I have been able to add an action to remove a member from the O365 group associated with the MS Teams but unfortunately that does not appear to then remove them from the Teams itself.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 


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I need this too.  I can't find an action to do this in my flow.  I've written a flow to create a Team, and add the user who requested it to the team as an owner.  This works great, however because I created the flow and it's my account connected to Teams, it automatically adds me as an owner on the Team too.


I was hoping to find a remove member action I could run at the end of the flow to remove me from the created Team, but one doesn't seem to exist.


Any ETA on when this might be added to the action list for Teams, or any possible workarounds that doesn't involve me manually leaving each Team that gets created please?



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To resolve this -

As Teams and Groups in AAD are the same - we can run an HTTP request to remove an AAD ID from a Group



Can you explain this better ? What is in the body ? Where can I get this URL ?

@RaphaelfSalomaoif it helps -

all the requests are in the Graph API Explorer -

If you go to Groups -> Remove member from group you will see the URL and format

you can also run tests straight from there


From what I can tell, there is no requirement for anything to go in the body as the information is in the URL (group ID to remove from and member ID that needs removing){group-id}/members/{member-id}/$ref




I tried Graph but seems that I need a permission that I don't have, and I don't know how to ask these permissions to the admin; Do you know how to grant those permissions to a normal user ?

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You would need an HTTP premium license and API access to run the flow anyway so you would need to ask your admin to allow you to do this.

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