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Flow Not Triggering

I have a flow that worked consistently until about an hour ago. No changes to the flow have been made, and testing the flow with old data works fine. 


The flow reads from a Microsoft Form submission and posts to our internal team chat. 


Is there an outage or some kind of key I need to refresh?


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Appears outage is over

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New Member

I am having the same issue.  Any help would be appreciated. 


Same as below.  Will use historical test data, but not with the "I'll perform the trigger action". 

Frequent Visitor

Same. Tried to force the flow to look harder for the trigger by doing a test-> i'll perform the trigger action and still nothing

Helper I
Helper I

Same issue for me. None of my many Form submission flows are triggering. Tried re-logging into the connection. Log in was successful, but still nothing's triggering. 

New Member

Hate to pile on...but I am having the same issue with a Forms to Excel SP trigger I built.  Worked flawlessly until today.  It is kind of an important part of an overall task, so it would be cool if we could get an answer

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Same issue here, and we've got a mess of students who need to use that form and flow to retrieve exam related information.

New Member

I'm having the same issue.  Did microsoft say they are working on it?

Regular Visitor

Same : history tests all work, but nothing from production is working. 


@MSPowerAutomate Twitter Account :: looks like an ongoing issue over the last 24 or so hours. 

New Member

Same for me. 


specifically when pulling the info from the submitted form:


The execution of template action 'Apply_to_each' failed: the result of the evaluation of 'foreach' expression '@triggerOutputs()?['body/resourceData/responseId']' is of type 'Integer'. The result must be a valid array.

Regular Visitor

Same Issue! 
New responses to Microsoft forms are no longer triggering flow. This was working fine until this morning. 
Please let us know when this will be up!

New Member

Same problem, flows were working, and even new flows that are simple will not trigger from form submissions

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Adding to the pile.


Was working as of 9:36 am EST - then stopped beyond that. 

We use this as a Covid-19 Screening Form - PLEASE HELP MICROSOFT!!

Frequent Visitor

My bots are having the same issue. Nothing is triggering using the Forms trigger.

We use for COVID inventory..wonder how many are using for COVID related things?

New Member

Same issue - mine triggered until around 9:45 am EST today.   I entered a support ticket and was told their teams are working on a resolution.

New Member

Same issue here. Although it will occasionally work, but I am seeing about 1 out of 100 fire successfully.

New Member

Having the same issue. It stopped working at 9:46 PM Central US time 


did they give an ETR?

No ETA - The update email I just received stated "We found that it’s a global outage as its reported by other customer. Product team is currently working on it. I’ve have cascaded our case to them. It’s on our high priority."


There is an advisory issued for it now:  Current Status: After our investigation, we identified an abnormally high spike in failed form submission calls within the Service Bus infrastructure responsible for form call processing. We are analyzing Service Bus infrastructure telemetry to isolate the source of impact and determine our next troubleshooting steps.

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Potential workarounds:


Obviously, it'd be better that this get fixed fast, but in the meantime, these will help you know when responses are submitted and even get to the data (without looking at individual responses).


I'm also not sure what will happen to flows that should have fired during the outage. Will they fire when the issue is fixed? I'd guess not, but could be wrong. 

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