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Flow, Outlook attachment save to On-premise Sharepoint 2013 failed at "Create File", error: 502

Please help and thanks.  Created Flow from template "When a new email arrives in a shared mailbox", O365 mail to Sharepoint 2013 on-premise.  Saving attachment from mail to SP.  This is working for file size that is around 100k, but failed with anything close or above 1mb.  I found a thread that points to this issue in 2016, not sure why it is still happening to me.  I updated my data gateway today, change some settings, but nothing seem to work.




  "error": {
    "innerError": {
      "message""Gateway on endpoint '<ii>sb://</ii>' is unreachable.\r\nclientRequestId: d\r\nserviceRequestId: dsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdf",
      "errors": []


Community Support
Community Support

Hi @ kb_seeker,


Could you please share a screenshot of the configuration of your flow?

Do you mean the flow would run failed when the file size is close or above 1mb?

Does the same flow would work fine when the file size that is around 100k?

Have you checked if the network is fine when the flow run failed?


Please check if the network is on good condition when the flow runs and let me know if the issue still exists.




Alice Zhang

Hi v-yuazh-msft,


Looks like my file size is a bit off from the test I ran before.  I ran a few more test consecutively, a couple of minutes apart.  The problem starts around 3 mb file size now.  I work at a huge enterprise, dont think the network is the issue.  Additionally, I am running the test right now, at a time that 80% of workforce is off.  I have also updated my on-premise data gateway, no help.  Please review the setup and run history screenshots below.  Thank you for your help.

Edit* The failure happens at the "Create File" section.  I noticed the Email I sent included a small signature image file.  Even thought the large Excel file failed to save, the small signature image file was saved successfully.  This is a strong indication the file size is the cause of failure.



Hello, @kb_seeker!



Thank you for posting in the Flow Community! If you feel as though your issue was solved, please mark the reply as the "Accepted Solution" so that other users may find this info and utilize it more easily. 


Thank You!


(Flow Community Admin)

- Gabriel
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 I keep getting the same error when performing a "Create file" action on On-premise Sharepoint 2016 via the on-premises data gateway. Tested with various file types and file sizes, and it's working fine up to a filesize of pretty much 3 MB. For every file bigger than 3 MB the Flow gets stuck in the "create file" step and is failing with the "Bad Gateway" error posted above.


According to this post gateway limit should be at least 20 MB (which would be fine for our cause), can't find any official documentation on the file size limit of the on-premises data gateway though.


Any help would be much appreciated as we're running the Flow on a productive system and atm have to exclude larger files to prevent the Flow from failing.

MS support told me our SP 2013 on premise is limited for some reason and will likely not work with Flow for file greater than 3 MB. It’s Unfortunate, it’s also a problem for 2016. However, we also have SP Online, I tested SP online, work up to around 30 MB. Took them three weeks of troubleshooting to finally gave up and told me it’s limited in on premises version.

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