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Flow built with Asana connector not triggering

I have created an automation using Microsoft Power Automate that creates a Work Item in Azure DevOps when an Asana task's custom "Escalate" field's value is changed to DevOps. However, it is only working some of the time. It appears the issue is that Asana is only sometimes alerting Power Automate when a new task qualifies for its trigger.

1. Created a Power Automate Flow whose trigger is "When a task is created (V2)" in my DevOps Queue Project. This Flow should grab the Asana task details and create a corresponding Work Item in DevOps.
2. Users submit tasks/issues via a form to an Asana project where my team triages them.
3. If the task needs to be handled by one of our developers, we set a custom choice field called "Escalate" to "DevOps."
4. This triggers an Asana rule that adds the task to an Asana project called DevOps queue. (Note this is the same task, not a created copy, which helps us keep track.)
5. The task being added to the DevOps queue should trigger the Power Automate flow described in step 1. This is not happening consistently.

To be clear, the Flow is not being triggered *at all* in some cases--it does not appear to be an issue where it's getting set off, but we've configured it incorrectly so sometimes it doesn't run completely. I would say it is now correctly firing about a quarter to a third of the time. I have not been able to isolate any particular properties, circumstances, or other patterns that seem to cause it not to fire, but it's really hard to troubleshoot since there are no error messages. It straight-up doesn't even try to run over half the time.


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