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Flow can't connect to network drives

I'm trying to setup a flow to copy files in Sharepoint at the end of day to shared drives. I'm following the tutorial here , but I'm having some issues to connect to network drives. Based on information in Flow, the connect has been created successfully but I keep having this error:


Here is the status for my file system connection:


Can someone please help!!!!

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

@cypress I have the same message on all my network drive connectors and it has been like this for years.


The simple solution is just to manually add the full path and file name to the 'folder path' field. 

If the select option that you're trying to use would work then all it does is just fill out the 'folder path' field for you (as it does for example in the sharepoint connecter.

Hi SamPo

Thanks for your reply. I have tried to put the folder path manually but it doesn't work. Here is the log:

"status": 400,
"message": "The requested action could not be completed. Check your request parameters to make sure the path 'I:\\xxx\\P - Teams Backup/%252fShared%2bDocuments%252fGeneral%252fTest.docx' exists on your file system.\r\nclientRequestId: 796a2b00-1535-4cc0-b391-0feb91c9a6cd",
"source": ""
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Impactful Individual

@cypress How is your on-premise gateway set up?


Make sure the username/password you use for the connection in flows is the username/password of a user on the server you're trying to access and not the user/pass of your flow/365 account.


For on-premise gateway, the setup should be as follows:


- Installing the gateway on the server: Use your 365 credentials

- Adding the connection to flow: Use your server credentials and choose the installed gateway


Hi @SamPo ,


do you know whether there would be a way to connect with a network file path via On Premise Gateway without Windows Credentials?

I've an Account with Credentials for network path, but this isn't the windows one. But I guess without the windows one I can't use the gateway connection or?




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