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Flow error when user does not exist anymore

Hello Everyone, 


I have a flow that iterates through a MS Planner. With the List Tasks module, we also retrieve the employees assigned to a task. 
The List Tasks only returns the user id and not a name. So, we use get user profile (V2) to get the employee's name. 
This works fine if we do not have an employee assigned to a task and then the employee retires (we always import all tasks every day as it is possible that something changes on an old already finished tasks.)  The id of the retired employee is still attached to the list task even if he/she is retired. 
The flow works fine but it always says it failed because it can't finde the retired user. If the flow really fails sometime in the future, we won't notice this as it failed every day.


Is there a way to ignore an error for a specific task?



Dual Super User
Dual Super User

@obermat ,

You can configure the run after property of the next action, but you have to keep in mind that if you have references after that the to problematic get user profile (V2) action the error will be thrown an error again.



Can you share a screen shot to understand to entire picture and to give you some advices about it ?



On the action immediately after the one you want to ignore, go to "Configure Run After" and then check "has failed". Then it should work, and go to the next action even if the previous get user profile (V2) action has just failed.


To see more details on exactly how to do this, check these two Microsoft resources:


Check if it helps.

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