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Flow indirect execution licensing when using premium connectors/features



couldn't find a definitive answer when searching. So our use case for a Flow goes like this: We would have a service account setup with premium Flow per user license that has a Flow using the premium "When a HTTP request is received" trigger.


We would use a SharePoint workflow to call the HTTP trigger Flow when an item has been added in a SharePoint list. The users who are indirectly causing an execution of the flow by adding a new item to the list would have Flow for Office 365 through their E3 license.


The question here is, is this enough or do ALL the uses need premium licenses since they are indirectly triggering a Flow that uses a premium trigger? Same question if that same Flow would be using custom connectors or any other premium connectors inside that flow.


Considering the group of users that would have access to the list we would be talking over a hundred licenses each 15$ per month just for this one use case. An approch to instead call azure functions or web apis hosted in azure would in the workflow instead of the Flow would cost almost nothing in terms of cost compared to the licensing so many users.

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Can anyone shed some light on this?

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We need also more information about this.
Does somebody know something about this?


Same question, looks like this question has been asked alot but no answers.

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So there is still no answer to this question? 


What we want to clarify is: "Are we legally required to have previum licenses for all users who indirectly trigger the premium flow?" This question is more about legal licensing requirements. The mistake in the licensing can be very expensive. We try to clarify this very carefuly. I remember Microsoft was saying something about requirements for Premium licenses for all users who "indirectly" benefit from the premium connecter. Is it still the case? Or something has changed?

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