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Flow not starting after creating item in sharepoint list

I have a flow that post an adaptive card in a teams channel, when a Sharepoint news item is created in a list. 

When i created and tested it, it worked fine. So the flow is correct I guess.


But now, when an item is created, there's never an adaptive card posted, or an failure in my run history of that flow. So he isn't triggering at all. While he triggered at the moment I created the flow.


The problem is with multiple flows, but they're all created and tested with succes. 



Thanks a lot for your help.






Helper I
Helper I

Hi @VSneoreJ


Are you able to post a screenshot of your flow? Specifically the Trigger section.

If you go back and manually Test your flow e.g. Edit/Test does it throw any errors or warnings?




Hi KimP,


This is a screenshot of the trigger:



When i test manually, the circle keeps turning, no result.


When i try it with the recently used trigger, it is working





So when you trigger the 'Manual' test option, and then go and create a new row in the list, nothing happens?

Is the recently used trigger you selected the one that worked when creating the flow?


Regular Visitor

Hi @KimP,


Yes. Nothing happens with the manual test option. 


No. The recently used trigger isn't the one for my test when creating the flow. As you can see in picture below, it was not a test, but the one yesterday was. 





Helper I
Helper I

Hi @VSneoreJ


Sorry, I'm a little confused, so just to be 100% clear, so I don't make assumptions, when you did the manual test, the steps looked something like...

  • Edit Flow
  • Click Test
  • Choose Manually
  • Go to the SharePoint list 
  • Create a new item
  • Go back to Flow and wait...
  • Nothing happens?


If the above is true, maybe try selecting the list again in the drop down for the trigger and save. Or even, select a different list, save and then change it back and retest. 


Hi @KimP ,


Yes, those are the steps i did. The loading circle keeps turning. 

But with recent used trigger it's working fine. 


I tried to re-add the list.

I can't select the list in drop-down menu, but have to add a custom value. (i've read on another topic that this isn't an issue?) 


Did the test again, but it stay on this screen: 


After a while i get this: 


I have access to the list with this account.



Kind regards,


It seems odd to me that you can't add the list from the drop down.

I've not come across this issue, maybe this is part of the problem of it not triggering, I'm not really sure.

Do you have links to the topic that mentions it isn't a problem?


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