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Flow not triggered

Hi All


I am in Sydney and I find both of my flows are not triggered. The flow is supposed to be triggered when a new entry in the Microsoft Forms. But there are 15 + submissions just happened in past 30 mins , but none of them are triggered in the Microsoft Flow. Is there a service interruption at the moment?




Accepted Solutions

The Root Cause is that . There was an Azure Service Bus outage on 8/31. The impact started at ~8/31 02:00 UTC, ended at ~8/31 06:00 UTC.


There is a manual way to trigger the untriggered the submission. you have to replicate your current flow. Replace the trigger to "Manually trigger a flow", add a number input. This number will be your form submission ID.

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Same Here,


When form is submitted, so how the flow is not trigger as usual. is your flow still not working? If not, could you share how to fix this?


Thank you

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Same issue here. Not sure if it is only MS Forms triggers?

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Dual Super User II

Hi @UserDi / @hanruhao 


I just made a test on my side and looks like the Forms trigger is broken and the flow is not getting triggered on form submit. I would recommend raising a support ticket for the same to get more details and if it is an ongoing issue:


Hope this Helps!

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My flows are still now triggered. I just submitted a ticket with Microsoft.

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Just came here to see what was going on - exact same issue for me. 


Flows that have been working for a month or two with no issues is now suddenly not triggering. Based in Perth, Aus. 

hi.. How to submit a ticket? it doesn't let me submit one.

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Flow is not triggered and I don't receive the approval email. I am using "Approve a Microsoft Forms response to add a row to an Excel spreadsheet" to receive continuous material request within the company.

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Reporting a similar problem - MS Form based trigger isn't triggering the flow. No data, not a failed run, nothing at all. Can't re-run a test using that fail flow, because there isn't one. The connection isn't happening, obviously.  Based in Australia, so maybe something happening in our cloud?


Have raised an issue via the MS Support for power apps.


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I'm having the same issue.  My flows (which are triggered by new MS Forms responses) are not working.

They have been working for months, were still working up until about midday today, and then they stopped.

There are no error message and my connectors all seem to be in tact (green tick next to them).

I even tried setting up a new flow to test - this is also not triggering.


Looks like this is a Microsoft issue - hopefully they'll resolve it.


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Just chiming in to report the same here from Brisbane, AU.

Only on the MS Forms trigger though! We have other connectors that are still working fine.

Same issue from Sydney

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I just get one flow triggered just now. The form was submitted around 12:45 PM AEST today. So there are 3 hours delay I believe. Hope the rest of the submission come through soon.

Same issue in Singapore, since about 2.5 hours ago.

Helper I
Helper I

Yes just noticed this here too. Glad that others are raising it and I guess we all just now sit on our hands and wait for Microsoft to fix it.

Could it be the same problem, almost this time last year when someone managed to submit 30000 Form entries per minute that took up all of the processor time, which then *cough* flowed on to Flow/Power Automate?



PS. A scheduled flow that runs at 4 pm but doesn't have any Forms connectors, seems to have executed to perfection. So it looks like Forms/Power Automate that's the problem, and not other parts of Power Automate.



It might be a lag as opposed to an error - as the form submissions I made that were not triggering the flow have all just come through now (3 in a minute), where the forms were submitted over half an hour ago.

I had this too Andrew, but there is a black hole this morning from around 10AM AEST until ~4PM AEST where our flows weren't triggered. Luckily we can retrieve the form submissions manually.

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Yup - one we had raised this morning has not come through. Been at least 5 or so hours now. 


Guess I'll need to ask the user to resubmit? I can see the response in ms forms, but need it to trigger the approval process off the back of the submission. 





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