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Flow stopped working without warning "Your flow could not turn on....user does not have adequate service plan for non-standard connection"

Hi folks,


Today, a flow that had been working for months, stopped working. The error message is in the subject. 


What's odd is i've only been assigned a Power Automate Free licence since the start. I don't believe i'm using any premium connectors, but can't know as i don't think there is an easy way to see which connectors are premium, and which aren't within my flow (which is of a reasonable size).


The only change i made this morning is that i put a branch of code into a condition to deal with a new error scenario. I'm wondering if maybe a branch limit has been exceeded on Flow Free ? Any ideas would be most welcome.




Community Champion
Community Champion

You are trying to use a premium connector, custom connector, connection with a Power Automate Free plan. Or, you've reached your thresholds for the free plan. 

If you could provide an expanded screenshot of your Flow and steps, your Flow run history, and of any detailed error messages you're receiving we could likely better assist you. Also, for the best results, you may want to review How to write a good forum post.

If this reply answers your question or solves your issue, please ACCEPT AS SOLUTION ☑️. If you find this reply helpful, please consider giving it a LIKE.


Thanks for the reply Brad.


I had already gone over the provided links. What's frustrating is the lack of "UI finesse" in Power Automate actually indicating what is the premium connector within a flow, or what limit has been reached.


The flow is far too large to post in it's entirety, but i will be able to post the section(s) i think may be causing the issue. One problem though, how do i attach? The camera icon in the text editor only has a "source" field with no way of uploading an image (and is different to what you kindly linked).


The connectors that i think may be the culprits are the HTTP web request connectors I'm making POST calls with. I can't find them anymore in the Flow Connectors search page either which is strange.


So what i did do is attempt to add a different premium connector, the webhook connector. I was prompted that my Power Automate trial had expired and that i could "Start Trial". So i did, and it appears to be working again. Checking "Licences" in 365 admin gives  no indication i'm on this trial. Checking "Your Products" gives no indication of this trial. Checking "Users" in 365 admin doesn't show this licence assigned to my account. It it shows is "Power Automate Free" like it always has.


So i guess we could consider this resolved, but i don't know how long this trial lasts, or what plan it is. I guess when it just stops working again suddenly i'll revisit.


Thanks again.

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