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Advocate II

Flow time-out after 10 minutes


I am trying to build several flows with the "do until" function.

All the flows times-out after 10 minutes. After googling I found the suggestion of adding a variable, but that didn't work either (image shows another flow of mine without variable, the set variable is above the condition and the "do until" is then the "get variable").

The flow is set to run when an item is created (not updated).


The "code value" in the "do until/gør indtil" (on this flow) is picked up from the "get item/hent element", so it should be asking for the updated value.


Anyone who have tips to what I can do to fix it?



Super User
Super User

@LouiseBach :


While I'm not certain why the Flow is timing out, I can say that the Flow will not work in the manner that you want as it is currently designed.


The value that you refer to in your loop will never change - it refers to static data from an action above/before the loop.  My suggestion is to use a variable.  Declare the variable before the loop.  Set the variable after the "hent element" action with data from the "hent element" action.  Your loop should reference the variable.


Please give this a try and let me know if you are still having issues.  If so, please post an updated screen shot of your Flow.


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One of my other flows have the "set variable" and "get variable".



Hey. I have played around with the variables, and with this flow (2 variables) it fails after 10 minutes:


































Is the issue that the variable is set early but not used until later? So the variable should be set just before it is used?


I would try putting some type of a delay action inside of your loop (1 minute?).  I suspect that there is some type of governor that is killing your Flow because of too many loops in too short of a time span.



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I'm also working with the do until loop currently.

What are your limits regarding count and timeout for the loop? You can expand them by clicking on 'Change limits'.

I assume that your loop terminates due to the count limit since without a delay as pointed out by @ScottShearer it will loop very fast.

See also this blog post:

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