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Flow to create Sharepoint items

Hello everyone,

I am developing an internal help desk portal for us from the T.I department. I would like our users to have 2 ways to open new tickets with us, that is, by sending e-mails or sharepoint website.
The list permission is so that only each one sees their items, that is, no user can see the tickets of other users. So simple, is not it? Because the user goes to the site and creates their item.

If I do a flow with the following way:
When an email arrives in a shared mailbox
Create item
Send an email from a shared mailbox

In this flow I am informing that the user sending the email to will create an item in sharepoint that will trigger a new email sending to the user and support analysts informing a new support case.

Until then ok also wonder!

Now comes my problem.

The flow is using my user connection, ie all users who were opening tickets through the email the sharepoint item will be with the ID created by (my user) and then nobody can see the items created as told up there about list permission.


I tried using an action called resolving people, but I did not succeed.

Would anyone have any better ideas than mine?

Thanks for helping me out.

Pedro Henrique

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @ bangorkeith,


Could you please share a screenshot of the configuration of your flow?

What problem do you have in your flow?

Does the flow all use your connection and you have share the flow with other users?

Do you want to the flow to create item and the creator of the item would be the user who run the flow instead of you?



Please share more details about want is your problem in your flow, and what is the requirement of your flow so we could provide a proper workaround for you.


Alice Zhang


Hi Alice,
Glad someone came to help me. Yes I will be sharing right below as per your request.
Yes I am using my stream with my connection and I want to share with all users and the creator of the item can not be my connection but the display name of the user who ran the flow.


I am using a shared account (Exchange) to make these mail receipts, which is where I quote this is the centralizing email.











It is a very simple flow, however I need the sharepoint item created by the user who executed my shared flow.



Pedro Henrique


Hi @ Pedroh,



If the user use your connection in the flow , the creator of the item couldn't be the user who ran the flow currently.

Microsoft flow only support to create the item with  the connection account as the creator currently.I afraid that there is no way to achieve your needs in Microsoft Flow currently.


If you would like this feature to be added in Microsoft Flow, please submit an idea to Flow Ideas Forum:


Alice Zhang

@ Alice


I already imagined something of the kind ... Let's see if you know anything, look.

There is a sharepoint action called resolve person.

Could this be some kind of way out of this case? I honestly have never used it, I can test it.


See also:




Thank you very much for your attention.


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