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Flow to send reminder to complete form

I have a flow that is scheduled to run daily that sends an email out to a team to have the complete a MS Form.  I want to have an automated email reminder go out if they do not complete the form by a certain time each day.  The form responses are being added into an excel spreadsheet.  Can you help with that?

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Hello @tiffany 

From your description then you should already have two flows:

  • Sending out an email to the teams to ask them to fill out the form.
  • Form entries are stored in an Excel file.


What you are missing is the reminder, correct? Anyway, can you show us how far you have come?

Kind regards, John

@JohnAageAnderse  Hello!  You are correct, I currently have two flows:

1. Fit For Duty - Collect Daily Responses

2. Send Daily Fit For Duty Questionnaire


What we're missing is those who ignore the daily email and never complete the form.   I need a way to send reminders until they complete it each day.   Is that possible?



I am listing out the steps here for flow:


Create a reminder flow which performs the following actions in sequence:

a.  Add a schedule trigger - based on how often you want to send a reminder tto the user who did not finish the form.

b.  Read the spread sheet table.

c.   Initialize an array variable with list of people who should be completing the form. 

d.  Filter the spreadsheet table data for the people who responded to the form. 

d.  Find the people who did not finish the form from step c & d.

e.  In step d, if the count = 0, do not send email. Otherwise, send an email to the people left out in step d.

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