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Flow won't send form notification to shared email address...

Trying to create my first flow. Smiley Happy


I created it from the template "Send flow responses for approval." I want the "Assigned to" field to be a shared email address that my team uses so it's easier to keep track of and anyone who's available at the time can work on the request. However, it only seems to be allowing individual email addresses from my institutions global address list (the shared email address is not in that list) in that field. Is there a way to change that on the flow? Or maybe I am using the wrong template?


Appreciate any help you can provide! ~Danielle



Super User
Super User


Hi there!  I think this is because Flow keeps track of which user gives which response, and if it's a shared email (I'm guessing almost like a distribution list with sub-users), then it can't tie that to anything in CDS.
One option might be to direct the approval to the people the email is shared with (the 'sub-users') and leave it as First to Respond.

The obvious downside there is that if you are maintaining that list a bunch, you'll need to manually adjust where the approval emails go.  If the list is pretty static, then this should work ok.


Keep us posted.




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Community Champion
Community Champion

On mine it won't start the "autofill" for a shared email like a regular one does but if you go into outlook and do an email to the shared account to get the address it uses for it and then copy that email address and paste it into Flow it should allow it then. 


I have a bunch that send to shared email addresses on my end.

@edgonzales thanks for the suggestion. We want the flow to work with our shared/group email address so that there's a consistent record of the requests and any follow up emails coming through. 


@rebeccas I have tried that and unfortunately, it doesn't work for me. I appreciate the suggestion, though! It doesn't appear that the shared email is listed in our Global Address book in Outlook, so it's not being recognized by Flow.


I found out late yesterday afternoon, that we have a Flow 'expert' in my organization...I'm going to track him down and see if it's something specific to the way things are set up internally. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again!

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