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Flows stop triggering unexpectedly Bad gateway 502?

Hi, I've had a number of flows stop working all of a sudden with little information on what is at fault. The flows have been working fine and were not modified aroudn the time they stopped working. The only nugget to go off is the error 'bad gateweay 502' which is reported in a some of the recent failed runs.


I'm unable to trigger the flow (sharepoint new item is created or modified) so i'm stumped as to why it is not triggering. I've created a simple flow in the same account with the same trigger, that works the first time then doesnt work any more...


I've tried copying the flow to another account but that doesnt work more than once either!


I've tried copying the flow and deleting the original (because i was concerned there were quite a few instances of the flow running) but that didnt work either.


Really at a loss as to what is wrong and this is having a significant impact on our operations. if anyone has any pointers or guidance i'd appreciate hearing them.


The actions contained in the flow are:

Sharepoint update item

Sharepoint get items

Outlook send email

Outlook send email with options





Have you tried support? Their mandate covers fixing broken objects, however, to be fair it'll take you several attempts to get your issue across to them. You'll need to reiterate the issue several times just to be sure. Then you'll get links on how to create a flow. 🙄🤔

Then you can try Microsoft Answers. You usually get a good answer there. This forum doesn't seem to not be worthwhile any longer. There's a few responses but typically, now it's just a bunch of supposed know-it-alls viewing your question then going on to something that's not "so below them" or where they can get cudos links easy.

One thing you might want to try is rebuild the flow from scratch just to be sure. Also check your data connections.

Advocate I
Advocate I

I have found more than two dozen different threads here, all regarding this same topic with hundreds of unresolved complaints. I have personally logged 23 support tickets for this although none in the last year since not a single one could tell me why it was happening much less fix it. Mind you, in my case it's a failure to communicate with Azure SQL.  Not oracle or Mongo or even some small-fry cloud product.  AZURE.  Their own product!  Seriously?? I love your "Have you tried MS Answers" optimism though. I had that optimism too, like 672 flow failures ago. The fact that this isn't even acknowledged as an issue, given the fact there is no roadmap to fix and not one of the 23 support techs I worked claimed to have heard of this before (aka, it's only happening to me so it's somehow my fault or I didn't set up the flow right) is beyond insulting, it's  a middle finger to the Flow community.  Microsoft - if you can't get Flow, I mean NoPower RarelyAutomated, to communicate with your own cloud DB WTAF are you doing?

Frequent Visitor

Ok, so this is what I did:

  1. Make a copy of the Flow
  2. Delete old Flow
  3. Start over with new Flow
  4. Ctrl + Alt + Del
  5. Fixed!


Advocate I
Advocate I

Ended up rebuilding the Flow which had a lot of steps and it is working now but for how long I don't know.  Have no confidence in it

What do you mean by Ctrl + Alt + Del?

In reference to, if something is wrong with your MS product, just reboot! 😄

Excellent. I figured that'd be the case. 
To me it sometimes behaves like MS Access where there are ghost objects hanging around and you need to compress and clean it out. 

One would think, no EXPECT that in today's day and age in 2022 this type of thing would be in the past but alas, here we are STILL.
I'm not surprised people get attacked and blamed for doing things wrong and breaking things although its web based off their systems ??????????????????? 
That's unprofessional and very politician like, heaven forbid they take responsibility for their actions. THEN, you, well I have, had the "know-it-alls" come in and instead of helping when you had the original issue and opted to view and move on, they act like you've hurt their feelings by talking smack about the tech.
Are you surprised by any of this? 

At least you got it fixed, without their help!!! Kudos.

My sentiments EXACTLY!

New Member

I resolved this issue by duplicating my flow and scrapping the old one. Exact same, simple, flow and it has worked ever since. However, I have resorted to using Flows less and less in my workflows because I really don't feel I can fully trust it. That's unfortunate because I initially had hopes of using it more.

This only happened to me once 3 years ago and it was to do with getting rows from an excel file action. Duplicating the flow back then didn't fix it for me. Duplicating the excel file didn't work either. I literally had to rebuild the excel template file from scratch with about 100 columns... it worked fine ever since. 

Regardless of what the ""experts"" say, there are issues. People get blamed for breaking their flows etc. but how can you break something that isn't local but stored in their systems?

Their tech, their issue. 

I've mentioned elsewhere the emperor sometimes doesn't have any clothes on.

 I get things break and things aren't completed but TAKE OWNERSHIP!!!!!!!!!! Finish and fix the tech you have now, stop creating new useless tech prior to ensuring what's already prematurely released is fixed/finished.

Right, which leads people to ask: WHY????!!!! 

Whats broken and where.

The hope is you do what you did and they don't have to concentrate on fixing it but rather closing the case file as complete and therefore padding their numbers even though they did SQUAT.

This template generates Payroll Report every month for our staff so I couldn't wait for them to fix this. They never did in fact. Like I said, my ticket vanished.

I haven't had many issues but my recent one is to do with the On-Premises Gateway. When I set it up originally 3 years ago, the region was set to UK South. Now that Gateway is no longer available in Power Automate connections, can't be modified but it bloody works!!! They said that the region I have in the Gateway agent is wrong and does not match my tenant's region, Europe. I know the UK left the EU, but as far as I know, the UK is still in Europe.

A few emails later, and not because they told me, it turns out that I had to set the Gateway to West Europe in order for me to see it on the PA connections page, BUT Power BI can't see it! WTF? So now I need to use two Gateway instances on two different servers, one for Power BI and one or PA............ oh and every time you need to change th region in the Gateway you have to uninstall it lol

New Member

I have similar problem when i convert html file to pdf. Its worked well, until today. I have several flow with this error

Action 'Convert_file' failed


error": {
"code": 502,
"source": "",
"clientRequestId": "725b69a7-ccc6-4f6c-b91a-e51e7f6107fb",
"message": "BadGateway",
"innerError": {
"status": 502,
"message": "Service Unavailable ...

"source": ""

Regular Visitor

Hello! All my flows failed today at the same time... I'm getting this error on action "Run a flow built with Power Automate for desktop":


  "error": {
    "innerError": {
      "error": {
        "message""Http request failed with unhandled exception of type 'NullReferenceException' and message: 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object.'."
Advocate V
Advocate V

Yes isn't that special? What a wonderfully intuitive error message. 

Maybe try removing and re-adding your connections to that flow.

Remove connections, leave Power Automate altogether, reopen PA, re-add the connections leave again reopen and try a test.

That's all I can think of sorry. Hope it comes back up for you!

Regular Visitor

Thank you for trying to help me!
I removed one connection, but now I can't seem re-add it... I checked the Machines page and got this error "There's an issue loading your gateways. Please try again later."
Guess I have to wait...

Advocate V
Advocate V

Hmmm. I've had that too but can't recall what I did. What I did discover was I had multiple connections to the same gateway. Seems you can just accidentally, willy-nilly add the same connection over and over and over again.

I removed ALL connections then reconnected by manually running flows and choosing the ONE connection when prompted.

Regular Visitor

Unfortunately, what I had to do was move my flows to a new environment. All the flows worked fine after this. But I still don't know what was the cause of the bad gateway error 😞

Frequent Visitor

No one knows why, it just happens and MS doesn't really give a sh#t! I have unfortunately just stopped using it because it is so unreliable.

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