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Flows stop triggering unexpectedly Bad gateway 502?

Hi, I've had a number of flows stop working all of a sudden with little information on what is at fault. The flows have been working fine and were not modified aroudn the time they stopped working. The only nugget to go off is the error 'bad gateweay 502' which is reported in a some of the recent failed runs.


I'm unable to trigger the flow (sharepoint new item is created or modified) so i'm stumped as to why it is not triggering. I've created a simple flow in the same account with the same trigger, that works the first time then doesnt work any more...


I've tried copying the flow to another account but that doesnt work more than once either!


I've tried copying the flow and deleting the original (because i was concerned there were quite a few instances of the flow running) but that didnt work either.


Really at a loss as to what is wrong and this is having a significant impact on our operations. if anyone has any pointers or guidance i'd appreciate hearing them.


The actions contained in the flow are:

Sharepoint update item

Sharepoint get items

Outlook send email

Outlook send email with options




Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy

Wowwwwww. Really? That's rediculous. 


Have you heard anything from Microsoft support?

YOU GOT IT!!!! Even if they did give a **bleep**, unfortunately you can't even get an answer from their "support". It'd take several days just to reiterate the question in a way they can understand THEN will provide an answer you've like already said you've done OR (and most likely) you'll get some rhetoric about this not meeting the scope of their department as they are a more "break and fix" department. Yet when something is broke, they can't fix and you ultimately end up like you and I did, say "F" this, I'm out of here. Seems Microsoft has gone the way of the dodo; gone extinct.

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em 09/08/22 o problema continua, depois de ficar feliz em tirar do MS Access um fluxo de ler XML e salvar em tabela e cria-lo no power automate, depois de dois dias rodando o fluxo com sucesso apareceu a mensagem "badgateway" e pior de tudo é que não tem o que fazer, é aguardar e torcer pra voltar...Micosoft, assim fica dificil né?

Wow that's crazy. The crazy thing is........shhhh....hear how quiet Microsoft has been? Hmmmmm

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I have the same issue. The dynamic operation request to API 'excelonlinebusiness' operation 'GetTable' failed with status code 'BadGateway'. Error response: { "error": { "code": 502, "source": "


Tried to create a new environment and created the flow. But same errormessage. 

Wow, is this nonsense still ongoing?? Bad bad bad Microsoft.

Yes I have constant issues with their stuff. Everytime I I have comments on here is the same time I go back to trying to accomplish something on this god forsaken "platform".

Each and every time without fail.

Hi Ella1976. I don't want to get your hopes up but when I experienced this, I had no idea what to do except what others have done, come here asking since you can't ask MSFT.

But, at the time, I walked away and miraculously the issue went away the next day. For the life of me I don't know why, I didn't change anything.

It seems to be getting to the point where much of this browser based code is really starting to leak issues.

I hope it resolves for you and anyone else with this enigma.

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