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Flows to download a file

Hi All,


I have a flow to generate a file. Now it can be upload to a SharePoint document library, or send it out through email.

But I would let user directly download the file from their browser once they click to start the flow.


Any solution?





Community Champion
Community Champion

Hey @Lam01007 


Sure there is. Once you have the file in SharePoint you can use the following:


small-Screenshot 2019-10-17 at 09.46.48.png


Once you get the link you can email it, send it as a notification, or do whatever is appropriate.


Is this what you're looking for?



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Thanks for your reply, but I am looking for directly download file from web browser.


Just like you click "Export to Excel" button, and the browser will prompt for you to select location for store the file.


Hi @Lam01007 


Probably someone else knows a way to do that, but I don't think it's possible. You need to wait for the file to be in SharePoint to be able to share (download) it after. 


Sorry 😞


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Super User
Super User

Hi  @Lam01007 


Flow process are serverside.  Work around is you can use a onedrive where you can download the file from SharePoint using flow.



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Flow does not store files, you need to use other things for that, your best bet is to link them to the SharePoint library you are saving in

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For other people that stumble upon this question:

It does not seem that a direct download is possible, however I have found the following workaround:

Use Flow to create a file and then a shareable link, and send that url back to powerapps:


Screenshot 2020-09-25 at 12.25.17.png


Then in powerapps, use the following:

Set(VarFileURL, ExportReportToCSVTeam.Run(VarFormattedJsonReportExport));

VarFileURL is the name I give the variable which will be populated with the url for the download function
reports_csv is the name I gave the Shareable link
ExportReportToCSVTeam is the name of my flow
VarFormattedJsonReportExport is the variable I send to the flow to create the file

More about the download function:

Not sure how you're implemented the Download function, but you can't use those Flows steps, Create File, Create Share Link, Respond to a PowerApp or Flow (with OneDrive or Sharepoint).  That will throw an error like this:  It
The workflow with 'Response' action type should not have triggers with 'splitOn' property defined: 'manual'.'."}}". Code: 0x80060467 InnerError: '.

Another possible flaw with this method, is that the file may not exist yet to download.  It's being saved to the cloud.  You're assuming you can create, and then download a file instantly. 

Another option is to create a custom button that has javascript to trigger an HTTP request in Flow.  Then you can send the document back via a "Response" action.  You'd have to set the request headers to the correct content type.

Well I know that I can do it, because I have been doing it for close to two months, so I don't think the error you are getting is because of those three steps.


I am presuming that when an output from a former step is part of a step in a workflow, it waits until that action is completed before executed. In this I may very well be wrong, but at least for the csv files of the size I create, there has yet to be any issues.


I have no doubt a better solution could be concocted, and I would very much like to see an example of the custom button you suggest, it sounds like a very good solution.



New Member

Using powerAutomate how can i download a outlook attachment to a local drive. .. say D:\Power BI

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