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Form sent for approval based on location question in form



Desperate for help as I continue to scratch my head for a solution here. I have a form which when submitted, should go to an approver based on the answer to the "Employee Location" question. If Hong Kong is chosen, it goes to a certain person for approval. If Singapore is chosen, it goes to someone else. In total I have 5 locations at the moment but cannot code it correctly. Pictured below is what I have as I've attempted to piece together what I've found.




The full flow eventually is to go as follows:

1. Form submission

2. Define Location for Approval flow

3. Get form attachment/s

4. Send email to approver containing responses and attachment 

5. Approve reject

6. If approve, create item in sharepoint list/add attachment

Dual Super User
Dual Super User

@j_menin ,

Can you show us the next part of your flow, especially the part with "Get_file_content_using_path_2" action ?

The error says that your "Get_file_content_using_path_2" action refers to "Parse_Json" action and there can be a possibility that the "Parse_Json" action to be skipped in some circumstances (when the location value from the form is Singapore).

Hope it helps !

Hi @gabibalaban ,


Ok so here's the flow after the switch.





 The expression used for "get file content using path" on both locations is first(body('Parse_JSON'))?['name']


Thank you for responding!

@j_menin ,


first(body('Parse_JSON_2'))?['name'] on “get file content using path 2”, Parse JSON is an action on a different way of the Switch action and it will never be executed along with “get file content using path 2”.


Hope it helps !

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