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Forms to Flow - Multiple Approvals

Good day,


This is week two of using Forms & Flow and I hope you'll forgive a potentially repeated question.


Currently in my Flow I have a Start and Wait for Approval process for Stakeholders that goes to Outlook.

When approved, it goes to another team for a Secondary Start and Wait for Approval which again goes to Outlook.

Once approved by the Second team, I have it creating a Feature or Bug in DevOps as necessary.


I'd like the Initial approval step to the Stakeholders Outlook to contain a field that allows them to select their name from a predefined dropdown list and along with that, have a text field that allows them to make any comments they deem necessary.


I'd like that data(dropdown selection and comments) to then be populated on the Secondary Start and Wait for Approval sent to Outlook.


This, being my second week, is a bit overwhelming and while searching I see various methods of doing things similar to this, but nothing identical. If anyone can explain this to me like I'm seven or point me to a tutorial on this, I would certainly appreciate it.


Thank you!

Solution Sage
Solution Sage



Based on the requirement that you have shared, I don't see a completion solution to the points that you have mentioned, but some pieces of it is definitely possible.


Herewith, I am sharing you few options that you can try out and see which one suits best for your scenario.


- Using Approval with custom responses -- In Power Automate rather than using the standard start and wait for approval with Approve/Reject, you can also use the custom responses where you can select the responses that you want, this will give you an option to put the options that you want in approval.


You always have the approval comments in which you can capture the text inputs if any have to be entered by the user.  I suggest to check the tutorial on approval series from Microsoft MVP for more insights -


- Use Send Email with options -- If your type of approval is first to respond or if that is going to only a single person for approval, you can use this action card, this works same as like approval where you can customize the responses and also put in some HTML data for customizing the information.


If the information shared helps you, please consider giving a thumbs up 👍 and mark solution as resolved.

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