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Forward Outlook Event to users using Update Event (V3)

Hi Everyone,

I am using the action Update Event (V3) (Preview) for updating an outlook event with the help of the EventID. With this I am able to Postpone or Prepone the event, update Location, Subject etc.

Note: Used action Create Event for creating events, with this am able to store the Event ID of the Outlook event.

Trying to update the attendees list as we do in outlook (Forward Invite) which sends the Invite only to new users, it sends the Invite to all inclusing the users who has received the Invite already. Please find the below flow settings I have tried in the Update Event action.

Configuration1: Added the new users to the required Attendees field and proceeded with filling the mandatory fields. This configration cancels the event and sends the cancelled invite to the new user













Configuration2: Filled in all details including the Body, Location and the Attendees list inclusing the new ones intended for forward. This configuration sends the Invite to the new users as expected but it also sends the invite to the old users(Who were invited earlier)















Please help with this. The result is same with Update Event (V2). My requirement to send/forward the existing event to the user with out sending the invite to the already invited users.

Helper I
Helper I

Hi ashiqf, 

I know it is a long time since you wrote this message, 

I'm facing the same issue myself. updating everyone and the new ones

I guess the connector isn't working like forward event and is working like send update event with the default option of send to everyone and not the updated one like you can select when doing this manually. 


did you manage to find a way around this? 

Hello rogrimbe,

MS Flow does not have such a feature currently, like "send the update only to added or deleted attendees".

If you want a similar feature to be supported by MS Flow, please consider voting for a similar existing idea below:


Voted! hope they will add this very small and significant feature 

Hi @rogrimbe ,

There is beta graph endpoint (Not suitable for production as per the information on the Microsoft website) available to forward an event to a specific user



Content-type: application/json Content-length: 56

{ "ToRecipients":[ { "emailAddress": { "address":"", "name":"Dana Swope" } } ], "Comment": "Dana, hope you can make this meeting." }


If you would to get some help to call a Graph API in flow, please look here.


I'll look into it with my usage 

thanks ashiqf

Regular Visitor

I using another workaround here.


1) Forward your meeting to another person.

2) Get the Message ID (I created a simple flow with a button and the connector Get emails (V3), in order to get the ID from the Forward email), fill the gaps as below:

  • Folder: Sent Items
  • Fetch Only Unread Messages: No

3) Find the subject of your invite and copy the "id" above it.

4) Create your flow using the connector Forward an email instead Update event, and fill the gaps:

  • Message Id: "id"
  • To: <destination email>

Works for me in this time.


For any question, please let me know.





Hi @Manoelpachecojr ,


This will work for single instance meetings. How can we forward a single instance of a meeting series (recurring meeting) using power automate? Any thoughts on this?


Thank you. 

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