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Forward incoming Emails to a Distribution List in Sequence / Rotary Format

Hi, I have an interesting project for myself and need advise on the possibility and practicality of it.


I have a Mailbox which receives emails and those emails are then being forwarded to people in a sequence. I want to automate this process with help of Power App and Automate. 

I need to read incoming emails and then forward it to a distribution list or a list of users in a sequential or rotary format. Below are the few processes.

1. Send Email to first available person in distribution list 

2. Send next email to 2nd available person in distribution list.

3. Send email with same sender and same subject to previous recipient of the email containing same sender and subject.

4. Record email From, Subject, Date, Forwarded to and Forwarded date for analytical purposes.



What I understand is, to achieve this. 

I need to trigger a flow on New Email.

then Record the new email's From, Subject, Date, email id  (not sure if I can send this data from Automate directly to PowerApp Collection.)

Create three collections In Power App, One (EmailCollection) to store the recorded data, Second (UsersCollection) to store the distribution list users with their status (out of office). Third (ForwardedCollection) to store who was the recipient the msg was sent to. Not sure if I can get such info in Power App... will need to research on this.


Assuming - if I can get the data in power app,


Once the flow triggers, EmailCollection get email data in it, then forward that email to the available recipient from the UsersCollection and Record it in 3rd Collection containing MsgID, Sender, Subject, Recipient and Dated.  


To check who is the next available recipient I would need to put some sequential identifier against available user in UsersCollection to achieve sequential or rotary forwarding with in that collection instead of sending to everyone in the list.


Please advise if what I am thinking is do able. if you can suggest a better approach given the available functionality in PowerApp and Automate.


Thank you.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @u4jaanus,

I think you can use this as a base: 

Contact me if you are interested in custom Power Automate development.

Very interesting. thank you. I will have a read.

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