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From Excel to Planner Tasks - Due Date field

I have created a flow to create tasks in a planner successfully except specifying the due date in each task. 

In my excel, each row (for each task) has a different due date. How do I tell the flow to import that specific due date for each task. Sorry, I have read some similar questions and tried, but couldn't figure out a solution. 

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If you are using Excel Online, when getting the data in flow the due date is in the form of integers.

You can read about how to calculate days from this post:
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@Rahber , thank you very much for the link. Yes, I use Excel online (business) connector. I read it through and am still a bit confused.


I tried the following expression: addDays('1900-01-01',int(items('Due Date_')?['Date'])) into "expression" and saved the flow, but got an error message: "The template validation failed: "the repetition actions "Due Date" referenced by "inputs" in action "create a task" are not defined in the template. 


Do I miss a step? How do I define?


For your reference, this is how my current flow looks like:

Manually trigger a flow -> List rows

List rows present in a table

Get a row

List buckets

Apply to each (condition to put a specific task to a specific bucket) - create a task



Hello @Christie


Here is the correct formula to use









'Apply_to_each' is the action name for my parent action where the value is coming from. In ['DueDate'] DueDate is the column name in my excel
task flow.PNG
the Flow will fail if there is a empty value in the due date (because of the custom expression we are using) column so make sure you are checking if and only creating flow if Due date is filled.

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@Rahber , I am still having trouble with that. Now, it gave me another error message: " the template validation failed: the inputs of template action 'create a task' at line 1 and column 4270 is invliad. Action 'apply to each" must be parent foreach scope of action 'create a task' to be referenced by 'repeatItems' or 'items functions'. 


Please allow me to share the screenshots of my entire flow: 

I have the steps to pull bucket ID so that each task can be created into the correct bucket. 








1) You do not need Get a Row action inside Apply yo each since you already have all the rows form List all Rows.


Why are you listening buckets and what is the condition you are checking?


This is how the flow should look like


Manually Triggers the Flow

List Rows Present in Table in Table

Get Buckets ID


      Apply to Each ROW


            If YES

                    Create a Task

            If No

                   Do Something Else



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