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Generate Newsletter from SharePoint list



I am using Microsoft Forms to populate a sharepoint list. That part I have had no problem with. Users fill out the form with their newsletter entry and a link to a picture to include. The sharepoint list has two columns (Entry & Picture).


Now I want to create a flow that takes the items in the list and populates an email template. I'm using get items to get all the items added within a date range (that way I can use the same list and just update the odata filter each week). I feel like I'm completely missing something, but how do I use the individual items from the list?


What I'm doing is taking the HTML from the newsletter I created in outlook, and I just want to add the content from the sharepoint list to the relevant parts of the HTML in the send an email action. I don't want all the text from every list item in the same place as that's not how I want the newsletter to appear (each newsletter entry is in a different table row). I hope I'm making sense. I've spent the day googling and I haven't made much progress. 


Any help would be much appreciated.

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Bump. Hoping for some help!

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@STA-Admin what does entry column hold ? please share image of list with sample data.

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Thanks so much for the response. Picture below:




These are obviously just sample entries. The idea is to take the content and insert it in the relevant part of the HTML template.


Basically like this:





<img src="picture1">









<img src="picture2">






Does that make sense?


Title 1 = Staff Training Day

Title 2 = Politician Visits School


Entry 1 = This is a test entry...

Entry 2 = This is a second test entry...

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@STA-Admin  This is what I understood and built





Email I receive 


you only need a variable where you build html


and add the html in email body


Hope this helps.


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