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Get Items not Showing Dynamic Content on Send E-mail Body

Hi All,


Quickly explaining what I'm trying to do...


I have a list in Sharepoint called CoachingTracker and this last has an ID field and I have another list called Toolbox that has an IDRelationship field, so everytime that I create a new input the ID from Coaching tracker is replicated on the IDRelationship from Toolbox, so I can relate the lists later.


What I'm trying to do now is build a flow that takes the ID from the Coaching Tracker and go on the Toolbox list and find that ID on the IDRelationship and I'll send an e-mail to the user with that content.


I did this pretty successful using the "Get Items" and querying the IDRelationship with the ID.


The problem is, when I add a next step to send the e-mail, the Dynamic Content that I want from "Get Items show perfectly if I click on the Title of the e-mail but disappear when I click on the body (images below).




In the image, my cursor is positioned on Subject.


If I change the cursor to Body, I can just see "Item as a Record" and all Dynamic Content with the questions above disappeared.2020-06-16_22-08-42.jpg


I run a test of the flow and the result of the Get Items is correct as per image below:



The only problem is really only not being able to use it on the e-mail body.


Just a last comment, my Get Items will always have only 1 record.


See below the complete flow, if it helps to elucidate the mystery:



Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Hello @pedrocsa 


Your Get items action may return more than one item which is why you can't use the information directly in the email body. If you could, it would put your Email action into a loop (Apply to each) and you would spam the user.


Suggest you to convert the output from your Get items action into an HTML table and then insert that table into your email. Try and inform us about the result.

Kind regards, John

John, Thanks for the reply.


But my question is, why I can access the Dynamic Content on the Title of the e-mail and I can't access on the body. This is what is not making sense for me.


And in my case, the result is always going to be 1 record. But I do understand your point.


So it ended up that I found a workaround that worked but its not ideal. What I did is put the insert whatever I want from the Dynamic Content on the Title field (because it works there) and the Cut and Paste from the Title to the Body. It worked perfectly.


So it seems to me much more as a bug in Power Automate.


Any thoughts?

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