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Helper I
Helper I

Get file content fails but not ALWAYS

Hi folks,


I made a flow where gets the file from sharepoint and attaches to an outlook email. The get file content fails(route did not match) sometimes and all I have to do is to edit the flow and select the file path (although it exist already) and then if I test it it works fine but maybe in a day or two it will fail and I have to do it again and again...
route did not match.png


Any solution? or workaround? Any other get file content type to replace with sharepoint one?


Super User
Super User

Cannot see the error image, please can you show the screenshot of the error ?

Super User
Super User

Thanks for the link but that doesn't address the issue I am facing...

Advocate II
Advocate II

Hi Futurist, 


I am not sure if you have selected the file path through the folder icon or if you tried to provide it dynamically, but if you are trying to reach a file through a dynamic folder path I would try with the "Get file content using path" instead of "Get file content". 


Here is an article explaining the difference between the two and the proper syntax a bit more in detail. 


Hope it helps 

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