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Get one to many value between SP lists in FLow

Dear Flow Guru, 

I was stuck in the step to retrieve data between 2 SP lists as below:

1. MasterData which has ID & name column:

 2Mr E

2. DetailData which has a copy from MasterData ID value and other data value:


 1Mr Aart
 1Mr AScience
 1Mr Amatch
 2Mr Eenglish


when complete a flow as see below, the value i received is duplicated as i knew because of the loop. But I couldnt find a better way to get data like:

Mr Aart  
Mr AScience  
Mr AMatch  



Super User
Super User

Hi @huuthang ,

What trigger is in fact your trigger "SharePoint - When an item is requested" ? I'm not familiar with this one ...


Here is my thoughs:



after that you can use the results of Create an HTML action to the email body.


Hope it helps !


Hello @gabibalaban ,

 Thanks for your input. However, I need to provide more detail for your understanding. I have 2 SP Lists named:

  • Product_requisition_master (ID, requester, Department)
  • Product_request_details (MasterID, Prod_code, Prod_description, qty)
    • MasterID.value is generated from ID.value anytime a user create a new request
      • and the relationship between ID vs MasterID is one-to-many

Ex: I create a new item in SP list Product_requisition_master:


After submit this request --> the 2nd SP list will be created detail values:


in Flow:

when an item is created which i trigger the SPlist Product_requisition_master

Get Items which i trigger SPlist Product_request_details


and the end of the flow what i want to get is the detail of each request:

request_by: trinh, thang

request_info: tes

Prod_code | Prod_description | Quantity

1212          | qwww                  | 13

1212e        |sshsjs                    | 13



@huuthang ,

My presumption was correct, the sample that I sent to you is what you need, BUT ...

I think you need to reconsider the scenario, because most probably your flow will be  riggered before or during the new items creation in Product_requisition_details and the detail list might be incomplete (containing only the data written in the list at interogation time).

How you choose to create the detail items ? Using the SharePoint form ? 

Dear @gabibalaban ,

I fixed my issue now as it is very simple technique as i dont need to create a loop for each item a new user create new item 🙂 .

To answer your question: I created a powerApps to create product details. Once user create item, data will Patch to the SP list "product detail".


By the way, I'm glad to discuss with you. Thank you



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