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Getting Planner task as a response back from flow

Dear Community,


I'm building an app where users can input their learning achievements (Training, courses, webinars,...)

They can also recommend trainings and make them mandator for others.

If they do so, Flow creates a planner task in planner and it gets assigned to the user picked.


When a user (the same or a different one) looks at the training record (based on sharepoint) in the app, I would like to show the existing task to it (if one exists).

At this point, I only know the group name & ID (fix), plan name (record ID & title), Bucket name (record ID & title) but not the bucket ID and no task details.

I can't work with "my" tasks as the task might have been created by someone else and might not even be assigned to me. When a task exist though, I don't want the user to create a new one.


The way I solved this so far is that I use the following flow to get the tasks

Tripper is powerapp button

Get task list based on the known group name and plan name (this works in flow but not directly in the app as I would need not the plan name but real plan ID to pull the tasks)

Have "respond to power app" return the task ID and name


The problem I have is that this approach will drive some "apply to each" functions in the flow and I can't nest the respond function in those. If I place it outside, I can't access the result of those for eaches anymore.

I'm new to the this topic and tried some workaround but:

They look very strange (I'm sure this not the best practice)

It returns the result to power app in a strange format (all task names in one field instead of multiple records)


Here is my flow:



Here is the collection resulting out of it:




Any recommendation how to improve my current approach or an idea for a better one?



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