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Group files and attach them to an email


This question is kind of related to my previous one but it goes beyond that.

The issue or question that I have is now the following. 

Let's say we have a list of documents on Sharepoint. 

File 1: ABC-001

File 2: ABC-009

File 3: ABC-095

File 4: DEF-077

File 5: DEF-098

The first 3 letters denote the customer to which I would like to send the email with the attached files. 

So, in my case, I would like to send 2 emails.

Email 1 to customer ABC and Email 2 to customer DEF. 

The emails should of course only have the respective files attached. 

Is such a grouping/selection of the files and attachment to an email feasible?

Best regards, 


Super User
Super User


Can you provide a little more detail.  For example, do you have a list of the file name prefixes you are looking for?  Is there a list somewhere of who the emails should go to for each type of file?  How many types of files will there be?  In SharePoint?  With that info, this is pretty straight forward.


Let me know and I'll provide an example.


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Dual Super User
Dual Super User

Hi @lreinhard7 


I built this specifically for your use case


This is how my SP list looks like - so I send emails to the EmailTo column 

You can modify the Flow based on your use case




Reza Dorrani


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Hello Scott, 

Many thanks for your feedback. 

The files look always the same (below is a screenshot form our demo/test system)

1st element: Customer ID (e.g. DE-015, DE-016, etc.)

2nd element: @ symbol to separate customer ID and invoice number

3rd element: invoice number (e.g. FTI-000066)

Note that there are always 2 files; the first one is the XML with the invoice information, the second one is the PDF. 


I try to attach all XML and PDF documents for a specific customer into a single email and send it to them. 






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