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HELP - Flow to access onedrive based on user - powerapp generating pdf

warning: first app and first time using power automate so go easy on me lol.


i have an app which generates a pdf report using flow and exports to onedrive. my problem is it is saving to MY onedrive account and i will have different users obviously with different onedrive accounts generating this report. ideally i would like for the pdf to save to their own onedrive where they can access it and email it as needed. 


below is my flow: 



the onedrive for business account is linked to mine: 



can somebody please help! there has to be a way to trigger it based on the user's email, right?

Super User
Super User



The Power Automate works based on the connection that you create over a particular action card.

In this case if we consider the OneDrive for Business connector. It is connected with your connection and all the details that come in that action card, be it the point where you select the location in which you want the file to be created or the point where you enter the file name.


All the content is saved once you hit on save, and whoever user trigger the flow the action is performed only by using your email address, thus by indicating to the system that it is you who is performing the action, but in reality it has been triggered by some other user.


In order to overcome this conflicting scenario, I request you to use the SharePoint connector for creating the flow and that to using the action SEND HTTP REQUEST TO SHAREPOINT where it will allow you to send HTTP request to SharePoint. This scenario of using HTTP request for creating the file will help you with the desired scenario.


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thanks for your reply! do you know if there is any kind of action/trigger similar to the below example which defines the user? or even if that get user profile can be used with onedrive? (i guess i should test it out huh lol)



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Super User


You can also use the azure AD connector to get the user details.

The Azure AD connector also has the same action card Get User to fetch the user details.


You can use it in the Onedrive, but that doesn't help in achieving the result that you want where you wanted to create file based on the user who is triggering the flow.


One thing you can do is you can add a column during file creation that add's the user details in the column. which helps in identifying who is creating the file.


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thank you! i will try that. and i think i was unclear, i do not want a file created based on the user. i just want a file created and put into either their individual onedrive or a shared onedrive folder but using the user's individual credentials. unfortunately i work for a small business and was denied access to a sharepoint yet still excepted to deliver results which is beyond frustrating. 

Super User
Super User



I don't think that's possible as power automate will use the credentials or user details of connection for that action card.


You can try to come up with an innovative solution if any and can write a blog post that can help many others.

Looking forward to your success story

Community Champion
Community Champion

I like the OneDrive for some things like their Convert so what I do is make the trigger something on me (like when an item is created) instead of by PowerApps and then I am the trigger and then I use my OneDrive to convert the file and after I am done I place the file in a place for the user to get to. Sometimes as an attachment on a SharePoint list (that triggered it), maybe email to them, or I put in a SharePoint Library. 


So I am using my OneDrive to do the Flow but not for anything related to the user. 


Here is one example of how I have used that "process" with PowerApps when capturing signatures.


Let me know if you need more information on how you could make it work for your scenario if you think it would work well for you.

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