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This is my first help request after using Automate for a couple of weeks or so. I have created a regular cloud automated flow that requires approval when a new item is created in a SP list. My data sources come from a Group Form (Forms) and PowerApps Form, both updating the same database.


The "Create Approval" action is triggered when the item is created in SP list. The details section for this connector is filled with dynamic content coming from SP list, including manually entered info associated to the applicant and authorizer details.


The flow itself works perfectly fine from Forms to SP list, to Approval process, to updating SP list and sending email notifications.


My specific problem comes when a user inside my organization has filled the form (whichever data source) and the initial approval email is sent. The details with dynamic content are shown correctly, either the Approve / Reject buttons. Nevertheless, the adaptive card at the header of the email always shows my photo and my email. No matter which user fills the form, the adaptive card always reflect my credentials. This adaptive card obviously is the one that is already built in in the Create Approval connector.


Clarifications: Group Form (Forms) has been created inside Microsoft Teams' group (where I am an owner) by me.  This form has been shared to end users as the Share Link and QR code available.

I am not a developer, just a newbie trying to get things done with this incredible tool, then I don't know if its possible to to edit code for output of Create Approval connector. This is where I have identified that the connector always catches my info and not the end user (images attached).

I am an owner of: Microsoft Teams' team, Form, Sharepoint, flow, list, powerapps, and so on. I am not sure if this is what is triggering the issue.


Thank you very much in advance for your early response. 

Huge fan of Levesque, Dorrani, Dunnam and Agarwal.


Flow connections.jpgAdative Card as Output in Create Approval connector.jpg

Adative Card as Output in Create Approval connector 2.jpg

Microsoft Teams Form.jpg


Approval Email generated by me.jpgApproval Email generated by another user.jpg

Helper I
Helper I

Many people, including myself, have encountered this problem.
The account connected to the flow action can only be selected from the flow edit screen and cannot be changed to the user who dynamically triggered the flow.



The workaround is to create a dedicated flow service account and set it to the account connected to the flow action.
(Of course, provided that all users running the flow have a license to run Power Automate)

Then add the user name (dynamic content) that triggered the flow to the adaptive card or email body so you can see who triggered the flow.


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