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Having a Flow traverse an Excel table and email based on certain values/conditions

I have an excel file/table that is data collected via MS Forms that is being used for requesting resources from my team. I've created additional columns in this file for my personal behind the scenes tracking (Status, Updated?, etc). What I'd like to do is fill in these extra columns myself directly in Excel, then us MS Flow to occasionally traverse this table and email my updates back to the form submitter. 


Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 11.58.03 AM.png

  1. Set the recurrence to run, let's say once a say a day (doesn't matter right now)
  2. Get the data from Excel that I want to traverse through (list rows command)
  3. Conditional, two checks with AND; the second check being a grouped OR between two statuses 
    1. Check to see if an email has previously been sent, tracked in the Updated? column (Yes/null value)
    2. Also check to see if I've marked this row as Approved/Rejected (Approved/Rejected/null value)
  4. If Yes, send an email to a contact in the row along with some other data in that same row. Then update the row to mark the Updated? column's cell as "Yes" to prevent further automated emails (hence the check in 3.1 above)
    1. If no, then don't do anything for this row and continue evaluating the remaining rows. 

Whenever I test my flow it seems to get hung at step 3 for the Condition. I'm thinking the operator expects a non-text answer, but cannot find any good documentation on it's usage.

Resolver IV
Resolver IV

Hi @Ners 

I was able to recreate the flow and tested it ok. Are you getting any error messages?


Does it work if you remove the email notification action?

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