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Helper III
Helper III

Help Displaying Last 4 Digits/Characters of a Tracking Number


I am having to create a flow using power automate that requires the following:

User inputs a tracking number in a SharePoint column, I need to figure out how using power automate

to capture the last 4 digits or characters of the input tracking number value and display it into another column

in another Sharepoint list but for now just need the function of how to achieve this.

Any help is appreciated,

Helper III
Helper III

@mahoneypat @VictorIvanidze  thanks for your continuous help on this.

Unfortunately if(empty(triggerBody()?['body/Tracking_x0023_']), '', substring(triggerBody('body/Tracking_x0023_'], sub(length(triggerBody()['body/Tracking_x0023_']),4),4)) didn't resolve the issue either. 

Considering that I already have 2 other condition statements in my flow adding a 3rd seems to be wreaking havoc on my flow all together. Therefore I may scrap this part of the flow because it may not be worth it especially since I already have a column in Sharepoint that has the tracking number there that they can use. Besides, I am spending way too much time on this part of the flow. Thanks for all of the help on this as I truly appreciate all of your efforts.




Doing it with hidden SharePoint column would have been easier.  Please mark the original solution as accepted.




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Helper III
Helper III

@mahoneypat that would probably work except I would need to actually see the "Tracking (Last 4) column and the data in the column for each list.

Helper III
Helper III

@mahoneypat @VictorIvanidze finally figured it out going a different route.

I went into Sharepoint and created a calculated column for Tracking (Last 4) using the following formula

and it worked:

=RIGHT([Tracking #],4). That was much simpler and created the desired results.


Again thanks for all of your help guys, I appreciate the efforts.


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