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Help! Power Automate returning impossible data from Excel file

Greetings, About 5 hours ago I though I was one click away from having my Flow do everything I had hoped, then something seemingly impossible started happening.

I built a Flow using a "Do Until" that runs until a cell (we'll call it cell V2 of Table 3) in a OneDrive Excel file says "STOP". The sequence is:

1.) Get Row  from Table 1, ID = "NO"

2.) Add new Row to Table 2 - Adds Row info from step 1.) "Get Row", in to Table 2

3.) Update Row - Changes value of "NO" cell from step 1.) to "C1". This should make it so that on the next iteration of the "Do Until"  this row is not "Gotten" and it will execute on the next row it finds with a "No" value.

4.) Get Row - Gets value of cell V2 of Table 3 to check against "Do Until" criteria.


Seems pretty straight forward. Cell V2 Checks the column of Table 1 that contains the "NO"s, so once the do until finds all of the "NO" rows, and changes them to "C1", cell V2 will update from "GO" to "STOP", thereby completing the "Do Until".

My first problem is, when I test the Flow, I make sure to only have 2 rows with a "NO" value, yet the Flow will copy one or both of the rows in to Table 2 up to 14 times. When I look at the run diagnostic, subsequent runs of Step 1.) show value of the target cell as "C1", not "NO". I don't understand why it is pulling that row multiple times when the cell value no longer matches the targeting criteria. Usually this only happens with the first row that it pulls and once it finally moves on to the 2nd "NO" row and pulls that, it stops the process as it should, but other times it will repeat the process on the 2nd row as well, even though I know that the reference cell it is checking to complete the "Do Until" should stop it. I don't know what to do at this point other than to start over with a fresh flow. 

On the bright side... maybe I created AI that is evolving a consciousness and just does whatever it wants...


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