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Help stop the Save button from closing my form

Good day all,


I am sure this is an amateur hour question but that is what I am. I am busy with a pet project to streamline some reporting functions.

(Essentially I want to stop our people from saving technical support session info in OneNote or random Word documents that is not centralized).


In my pursuit I have created a list, it captures the basic data for a support session but then all the complex notes and screenshots will be captured in a word document. The possibilities of is just too endless to be able to create a single form to capture all possible scenarios so a word doc works. I have created the flow that will create the Word doc according to a template when a new list record is created. The Word doc is just a copy of a template and it saves it to a library and you can open it in Sharepoint or Teams etc while you have the Sharepoint list open in another screen.


Okay, deep breath... Now for my question, to create the Word doc, the out of form Save button has to be clicked. This closed the open form. I don't want it to close, I want to be able to continue working on that form without having to open it again?


In Powerapps I tried to change the Syntax of the OnSuccess formula in the SharePointForm1 properties to various things and combinations, (the default being ResetForm(SharePointForm1); RequestHide() ). If I remove the RequestHide() it works but the form defaults to the first item in the list.


I have spent a whole day searching for solutions and I can't find anything definitive. I would imagine this has been asked in the past but I can't find an answer.


Please help.

Regular Visitor

My apologies, like a total newbie I posted the above message in the Power Automate community instead of the Power Apps community. I will appreciate it if a moderator/admin can please remove this post from the Power Automate community forum.


Thanks and sorry, again.

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