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Help with Date filter Logic

I have an SP list with a Published Date column (a user selected date) and a Review Frequency column (a value in months, typically 12). These are used to populate a Review Due calculated column based on Published Date plus number of months in Review Frequency. I want to create a flow to run at the start of each month, parse the SP list and pull all rows due for review within current month plus 2 (so runs 1 Mar pulls entries due review in Jun, runs in Apr and pulls entries due in Jul etc). 


I believe I have all variables and logic needed apart from the critical issue of using the calculated field in an oData filter so I end up with only those entries due in the period.


I have seen suggestions for using a Get Items to pull all entries then filtering using an array but am a bear of incredibly tiny brain and cant work out the structure of the filter. 


Anyone able to give me a steer please?


Example data to work with:

Flow runs 1 Mar 2022

StartofMonth = 1 Jun 2022

EndofMonth = 30 Jun 2022


Item 1 - does not appear in list (should have been in Dec 2021 flow)

Published Date = Field_1 = 15 Mar 2022

Review Frequency = Field_2 = 12

Review Date = Field_3 = 15 Mar 2022


Item 2 - appears in filtered list as review date falls between 1 Jun 2022 and 30 Jun 2022

Published Date = Field_1 = 15 Jun 2021 

Review Frequency = Field_2 = 12

Review Date = Field_3 = 15 Jun 2022


Item 3 - wlll not be in filtered list, should be in list for Flow running 1 May 2022

Published Date = Field_1 = 15 Aug 2021 

Review Frequency = Field_2 = 12

Review Date = Field_3 = 15 Aug 2022


Hope this makes sense....



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