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Help with Twitter to Notification



I am trying out flow and found a reason to try it. Bunch of my friends are playing Pokemon go. There is a Twitter field that post when a pokemon shows up.


I've been trying to play around with the template Twitter to Notification, but I dont think I understand it, so I'll try and explain.


Goal want to only get a notification if a specific Pokemon is Twitted about, dont want all them.


  1. I created a new Twitter account (didnt have one)
  2. Followed the account that posts - @EpicSGPokemon 
  3. Greated new flow from Template "Get a push notification on tweet with a certain keyword"
  4. When a new tweet appears "Search value" - I wasnt sure how this works, can I put 5 Pokemon seperated by commas? It didn't provide the type of Syntax supported. I used this = Lapras, Hitmonlee, Aerodactyl, Chansey, Arcanine, Machamp, Snorlax, Gyarados, Venusaur, Hitmonchan, Lickitung, Exeggutor, Porygon, Flareon, Blastoise, Vaporeon
  5. Send a Push notification scope - Honestly this part is confusing <Choose a Value> <Set Condition> <Choose a value>.
  6. If yes, send Push notification


I guess the questions i have are the following:

I dont know much about Twitter, so by following EpicSGPokemon, will those be the only Twittes that are searched in #3?


#4 Is my Sntax correct or do I need OR statements between each search value?


#5 I'm very confused, how do I configure this. This seems to be the text that will be sent via notification. I dont get the condition statement. I dont need the name of the person who post, because its the same user who post. Honestly I just create about the text of the tweet itself


Thanks for your time and advise! Best way to learn is have something to try, this was something I thought would be interesting to try.


Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

I don't have idea about pokemon, I assume that you want to create push notification for tweets from list of people, In this case, for the search value, try @person1,@person2,@person3.


Regarding push notification part, I have not tried it. I will post, if I get any documentation.

Kudo Kingpin
Kudo Kingpin

you can create a twitter list and add all the twitter accounts that you want to get tweets from.


Syntax for the query is list:@user/<name_of_list>


so you can add/delete members without the need of modificate the flow







I tried the (AtSign)Username method and once I changed the flow stopped working all together. Am I enter the query in the right location?


Also how do I find the list? I have the user name, but I dont know much about twitter, so I dont know how to find the list name.



This is where i tried entering


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