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Helper III
Helper III

Hide the previous ticket

Dear all,


Is it possible we can hide the previous tickets? By using the power automate workflow?

We're going to set up a tablet at the reception counter, sign in as a generic account.

The end goal is, we hope the next visitor will not see the previous visitor info in the ticketing system.



Below is the workflow.



I'm thinking, after sending an email to the contact person, the next is to auto-close and hide the ticket.

Will be grateful for any help you can provide.


Super User
Super User

Hi @Sk-73,


Out of interest, have you considered a anonymous Microsoft Forms form for the input side of things?


By using that type of form the person can't access their own or other responses.


Btw, in a flow you can still collect the response and store it a SharePoint list if needed.

Hi @Expiscornovus  Thank you. Initially, I do use the Microsoft form, however, we couldn't expect the visitor every time can enter the contact person email display name correctly, hence, we move to the Sharepoint list request form. It will have a drop-down list after the visitor enters a few keywords. 


So, my next end goal which makes it the next visitor will not able to see the previous visitor info in that list form.


And I think last night, I've figured out how to do it, and also keep the visitor data.

Super User
Super User

Hi @Sk-73,


Probably the safest option would be to break the permission on the item directly after creation and remove the existing access for the account used to create the visitor list items on the device. You can do that via the breakroleinheritance method in a Send an HTTP request to SharePoint action.


You only need to make sure that the account in the flow used for the connection (see red arrow in screenshot) is different from the account on the device which creates the list items. The account from the connection will be the only account still able to access that item (and therefore see it).


Below is an example of that approach.

In my example my list name is Visitors. Replace that by your list name.






Hi @Expiscornovus  Thank you. 


If I understand correctly, are you talking about ticket access? As per below attached.


If yes, my colleague also told me that, maybe this will work. But I didn't go this way.


Below is my workflow. 





First, I create another exactly the same SharePoint list.

When a new item is created, it will send an email to notify the contact person > After sending out an email > Create an item into another SharePoint list > Then delete the item.


So, the next visitor will not get a chance to see the previous visitor info and on the other hand, I still keep the visitor data for record/audit purposes. 


I didn't go that way the reason why is because I have no idea how to start 😅

I will follow the steps you provided then play around with a new list. 

In future might need it one day. 


Thank you @Expiscornovus 😊 



Super User
Super User

Hi @Sk-73,

Yes, I was talking about the ticket access. When the device user doesn't have access to the ticket it won't be able to see it.


Thanks for sharing your approach. There are definitely different ways of solving this 😁

Hi, @Expiscornovus may I know how do you create the below code?




Super User
Super User

Hi @Sk-73,


You can copy/paste these kind of values for the URI.



Hi, @Expiscornovus Thank you. But in the diff share point list, I believe the code should be diff. Instead of copy-paste, is there have a way to self create the code?

Super User
Super User

Hi @Sk-73,


If you want to use a different list in that URI field you would have to replace the getbytitle('Visitors') text bit of it. Use your list name, getbytitle('ReplaceThisWithYourListName').


And it is not really code, it is just a hyperlink value 🙂 I created it by typing in that field and selecting dynamic content fields (in this case I only used the ID of the When a New Item is created action).



Hi @Expiscornovus  Thank you. I will try again. Cheers

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