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Hosting a fillable doc on OneDrive and Copying to Sharepoint

Good Morning All,


Hoping that someone can help here.


Our staff have forms that must be filled out daily. Since our recent migration to O365, I'm hoping I can use a healthy blend of OneDrive and Power Automate to make this easier.  Ideally this is what it would look like:


1) Fillable Doc is hosted on OneDrive and shared with X amount of users (200? give or take)

2) User would open the fillable doc from OneDrive with the MS Word Desktop App and make changes

3) Power Automate would move the modified document to a sharepoint site for supervisor access.


Is there anyway to do this while keeping the original file intact? Essentially I'm looking to force a rename of the document so the original fillable form stays blank and is not overwritten by any modifies.


I have the flow working to copy the file after any changes are made, but I can't seem to get the original (located on OneDrive) to stay blank.


Any help here would be greatly appreciated.  Thank You!



Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @ginsardi 


I think you're only missing the last step where the Excel is wiped clean of changes. To do that, you can fetch all rows and delete them:

Screenshot 2021-03-24 at 08.33.55.png

Be careful doing this because if someone else is editing the file between the copy and the delete, you may have issues.


May I recommend another approach?

You could use Microsoft Forms to create a form that the users can fill in with the same information as in the Excel file. Then, when a new reply is submitted, you can create a new Excel in SharePoint directly with the user's answer. This way, you're always sure that the files contain information from each user.


Just a suggestion in case it makes things easier.



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