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How can I accomplish this?



We currently have customers talk to a designated rep who enters the needed information in a PowerApp, which writes to a SharePoint List and then emails and approvals are triggered, etc..  BUT often times, the designated person is talking with the customer and filling out the PowerApp, and somewhere along the way, the customer doesnt know the information requested, and has to "call us back".  It would be nice to have a PowerApp that we could send to the customer to fill out for us- eliminating the middle man, but since we cant share outside of our org, I would like a work around.  I thought about maybe using Forms, but not sure if that would accomplish what I want.  Any ideas?

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Pls customize your SharePoint List form with PowerApps (click on Customize form in SharePoint list) then Share your list with external customer so that customer can fill that form.




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Impactful Individual

Sharing your list with external customers will give them access to all the data on that list.  If the list contains data on other customers, you have a data breach! 


Depending on the specifics of what you want to do, Forms could work.  Create a form that collects the information you need in your list.  Then create a flow that runs when the form is submitted, and saves the data to your SP list (maybe with an approval process first to make sure the data going into the list is good data).  Then share the Form URL with your customers.

@Jronash so if I send the URL for the Form, people outside of my organization can access it?  And how do they "submit" it?  Sorry for simple questions, I am new to these products.

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I think Forms are only available to those inside your organization by default, but you can change that to make it available to anyone with the link.  It's in the settings of the form.


People would submit it like they submit any other form - they would enter the information and click the button at the end.  In order for you to catch the data in Automate so you can save it to your SharePoint list, you would have to create a flow with the "When a new response is submitted" trigger from the Forms connector.

@MShelnutt  if your input form is simple and does not have complex logic then using ms form is best choice. 

But if your powerapps form has complex functionality which you can not get in ms form free version. 


For data security in SharePoint list you can configure SharePoint list view so that list item are only visible to item creator not to others. You can use filter Created by [Me] then save your all item view. 

To see all data in list you can create personal views which will show you all data.





@Hardesh15 Unfortunately that is not an option, as many co workers need access to the SharePoint list.

@MShelnutt  if your problem is solved by MS Form then it is good otherwise you can share your powerapps with external user via guest account in Azure AD.

Once guest account added in azure AD you can then share powerapps with guest account.




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