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How do i put form link sharpoint table

I want to create a form that basically does this


User 1 --- Manager  1 ---- User 2 adds in more details --- Manager 2 approved -- User 3 adds in more details - Manager 3 approves --  Form status changed to completed by Manager 4.


Now, I am storing form fields in a sharepoint table. I want co create a column for form link. How do i put the link for the form in the table. I want to do this so that the status of the forms is visible to everyone (where it is stuck at approval level or who needs to fill this form).  When using create item i dont know what to put for the form link column.



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If what you want to store is a hyperlink, you can add a hyperlink column to the SharePoint list.

I suspect that isn't what you want.  Can you explain a little more about what you want when you say "where it is stuck at approval level or who needs to fill this form"?  

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Thanks for your reply Scott. I am a 100% infrastructure guy and this is my first go at forms/workflow or coding if you want to call it.

I am creating a new hire form for ourselves. So the way it works is, 

Supervisor fill in details and the form goes to the departmental manager who puts in more details and approves it ( for example account number to purchase software) then the request goes to Facilities where a facilities tech fills in some information (cubicle number, badge details etc.) which goes to the facilities manager that puts in some details (mostly financial) and approves it and then the details go into parking tech that fills in some details (parking spot number, transponder id etc) and the message goes into the parking manager that fills in more details and clicks completed. This is the end of the workflow.


The problem is that IT has to complete its tasks first before facilities can do anything and facilities has to do their tasks before parking can do anything. I am tired of all the back and forth email. So i was considering creating a workflow to automate this.

I expect that the the supervisor  will call the service desk to find out where their parking transponder is or the badge for the employee is or ask for their login credentials. At this point the service desk must be able to login to the sharepoint site and look at the table and sort the columns and provide the information or tell exactly where the request is stuck (e.g. waiting for user's manager to approve so IT can create accounts or parking manager to provide information and approve so that the transponder can be provisoned.) The sharepoint table will need a link to the form so anyone can click to see where the form is stuck.


OK - two more questions:

  1.  Where are you storing your data?  SharePoint list?
  2. When you say "form", do you mean a PowerApps app?  A SharePoint data entry/list form?  Something else?


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I am not sure if the data needs to be stored. I was hoping that it remains persistent and once a form is filled it has its own unique link. This way the link can be clicked multiple times and edits be made to it. 

Am i not understanding this correctly?


I created the form using Microsoft forms and then used power automate to reference the form and create a workflow (to populate a sharepoint table with basic information from the form). I was hoping to put the link tot he form in the table.

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