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Helper II
Helper II

How do u add a stop?



I will have a deeplink in the first email where I send the email to the user to guide the user to my PowerApps to insert their attachments.


The next email will ideally appear once the user submitted the attachments in the PowerApps.


At current state, both email will sent to corresponding email address without waiting for the user to submit his file. How can I add a stop button in this situation?

Community Champion
Community Champion



Initialize a boolean variable varFlag = false.


Place a do until action and set condition as varFlag = true.


In the do until action, check for the attachments or other required step. Once the requirement is met, set the variable varFlag = true. Then, the control will come out of the Do ... Until action and continues the next actions of the flow.




Keep the Count and Timeout in the mind... you can change Timeout from PT1H to maximum time. 


I do not recommend making the flow wait for very long time instead I prefer to redesign in a way I can trigger it on a flag change after requirement is met. 



Krishna Rachakonda

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How do I check in the flow if the user already submitted an attachment to my sharepoint list via PowerApp? I'm cracking my head for this, HELP !



Once the email sent to the user, the user click on the link in the email which opens the PowerApp. On submitting the attachment, you want to continue HT Approval action.  Am I correct?


If I am correct, in the Do Until action, you use Get Attachments action if you already know the SharePoint List Item ID.


After Get Attachments action, you can place Condition action to check if Get Attachements is empty OR have items. If it has items, you can set the variable varFlag = true. So that, it will come out of the loop and HR Approval action can continue.



Krishna Rachakonda


Hi @ywliang96 

i am supposing that attachment through power apps form is submitted in SP List. In this situation you need to have a deadline date for documents attachment. Otherwise it will be difficult for you to set a wait for flow. IF you have date as a deadline for document attachment then you can follow these steps-

1. Use Delay Until- In Time stamp use you date & time here 

2. Use Condition Action - And check Your PowerApps List satisfied this condition- HasAttachments is equal to true. Then you can put your second email under Yes outcome of condition Action.




Im kind of new in this power automation.. is it okay to show screenshot of the workflow instead?

"Condition action to check if Get Attachments is empty OR have items"


How can i do this?  I follow what u mentioned and the flow check the current latest one and doesnt wait for the user to input a new row in the sharepoint list. 



yes until unless you don't have problem.



You need date and time for this. Without definite date & time you can not pause flow.



if you want to use DO Until Action. you need to change the limits -


DO Untill.jpg

the iterations i managed to solve but 


problem 2.JPG

The ID indicates the current latest row in the receiving gift.. How can I add ID+1 so it will always be indicating the future ID instead of the current latest one?



Why do you want to check future ID? If the list item with ID does not exists, then you will get 0 attachments.





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