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Memorable Member

How do you choose Microsoft Flow in your work than others?

There are some products like Microsoft Flow to automation in work

Azure Integration Services, Azure Logic Apps, Microsoft Flow, and more

or many other products,

or building the custom application with programming.


I want to know how do you choose Microsoft Flow.

to recommend more.


  • for non-developer?
  • for everyone?
  • or else





Super User
Super User

As Microsoft Flow works so well with SharePoint, PowerApps, Planner, Forms and email as well as having over 100 other connectors, it is the best solution for people like me who are effectively power users rather than developers. We can now do so much very quickly that used to need to be sent out to our development teams or an external contractor. So my work as an intranet & SharePoint manager uses all these applications for everything and Flow ties them all together. I wouldn't use any of the others you mention because I don't know them.


Los Gallardos

Advocate I
Advocate I



My answer to this would be the business requirements dictates the solution.  I see so many people start with the tool and run around looking for a problem to solve which is backwards.  When you're a hammer everything looks like a nail.  You need to ask questions to ultimately make an informed decision about the chosen tool to solve a business problem.  Some are much more obvious than others (e.g. I use SharePoint Online and need a simple approve process).  If you give a requirement to a server-side developer, guess what you will get as a solution, a server-side custom developed solution.  If you ask a business user, you will get an Excel-based solution or InfoPath because its what people know.  The following questions comes to mind:


  • What is the business requirement?
  • What systems and tools does the business already own?  Do they already use Slack over Teams, or SmartSheet instead of Forms or PowerApps or SurveyMonkey?  
    • If they already heavily use Nintex or Slack, it would be hard-pressed to push Flow and Teams for example.  
  • What data are they wanting to work with?  Connect to?  Write to?  
  • Who will be architecting and building the solution?  Does that person have the skills in the requiste tool?  
  • If Flow is chosen for example, will the default actions and triggers provide a solution?  If the need is more custom, perhaps a custom connector is needed or turn to Logic Apps.  

For example if my client gives me a business problem and they are primarily in Office 365, sure I will likely look to Flow, PowerApps, SharePoint, etc to solve the need.  However, I have cilents that use SmartSheet over MS tools, and other clients that are heavy into Slack and it wouldn't be cost-effective to move to MS for that one need.  


You need to review what Flow can do and offer, and determine (given the environment and available tools and skills of users involved) if that is the right solution.  

Nice @RobElliott , thank you for your reply.


Yes, I like the Microsoft Flow with many connectors.

for developers, managers, users.


thank you again for your comment





Nice @dougallen , thank you for your reply.


Yes, I want to ask some questions, about what is the business requirement? and all.

and they are changing fast,

  • People who have been using email for years have been using the Microsoft Teams/Slack.
  • People who have been building their own web sites have been making the Community sites using SharePoint Online,
  • People who have been creating the papers for survey have been sharing the survey using Microsoft Forms.

and more


Therefore, I hear more what they thought, what they want.

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