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How do you connect to a VPN?


I'd like to connect to my local VPN with L2TP in order to copy a file to a Raspberry. However, I couldn't find an option yet where I can simply enter my VPN credentials so that MS Flow starts the connection. 

Any ideas? 

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If you're wanting to copy a file to your RPI, then I would use the SFTP connector and expose the SSH port on the RPI. You can put it on an obscure port and secure the SFTP with the opensshd_config file. There isn't any VPN support.


Another method would be to install the gateway on a Windows based machine and use that to copy to your RPI via samba.

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Hi Paulie, 

thank you very much for the details and the hint about a possible solution. Using an sftp connector might be a good workaround here. Together with some port forwarding on the router, that should not be to complicated to setup. 


What I really what to do with this file: Within my network, there is a wifi controller (Unifi CloudKey) which doesn't really support file uploads by APIs. So my friend found a way to use Python to develop a script which does the job. The file which I am sending to the Raspberry, needs to be taken by the script to upload to the wifi controller. 


So I'm wondering if there is a better way to implement this. Currently, the sftp connector would not get informed if the fileupload of the secondary Python script worked. I'm thinking about a webservice which could run on the Raspberry and maybe provides an API which could be used to call it with MS Flow and then the webservice somehow triggers / uses the python script to upload the received file. 

That way, the flow of MS Flow should also get an answer if the upload onto the controller was sucessful.

Could something like this work? 

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Meanwhile, we have changed the approach and created a python script which connects to our Sharepoint online. After some discussion, we decided that it's easier and safer. Easier, because the API interface is already available, and safer, because we connect from our safe internal network into the rather unsafe Internet. The connection works fine and we are able to get the contents which we need. 

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