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How to add extra fields in the create Item


I am trying to teach myself automate forms that staff can go to sharepoint and request holidays and then that form go to HR for approval. On the create item I want to add under the title Name, first of holiday and then another field last day. How do I add the extra fields?

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Re: How to add extra fields in the create Item

@McTraill06 you need to add the columns for firstday and lastday and any columns you need into your SharePoint list first. Power Automate can't create the SharePoint columns for you. However, if your staff are creating their leave request directly in the SharePoint list form then you don't need a Create item action at all in your flow as the item will already have been created when the flow triggers. In that case your trigger will be a SharePoint When an item is created trigger.

However if they are submitting their leave requests via form in Microsoft Forms then you will need a column in your list for each of the questions in the form and will need the Create item action. After you've done that and you go back in to edit your flow the columns will be in the Create item action.

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Re: How to add extra fields in the create Item

Hello Rob

I created a list in sharepoint, when I do the drop down in create an item I cant see the page where I set up the list.  I went to the cog, site content and then did new list.

What I want to do is have the staff go to sharepoint, click on an icon that says Holiday request, then they fill out fields, name, dates, that kind of thing, ideally I would have liked it to tell them how many holidays they have left, but for simplicity just name and dates would be great. I then would like this document to go to someone for approval of holidays and then if possible update a calendar of their leave so others can see who is in or out the office.  Maybe forms isnt the way??  any advice would be gratefully received.

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